Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Maximum at 720p; Much Lower Handheld Performance | Instant News

While some may be happy Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition released this weekend, a new leak might kill the excitement. According to MasaGratoR, leaked configuration files reveal resolutions on both handheld and anchored devices.

Next Tweet corrected the first to clarify 540 is actually 504, which makes this news even more interesting. For those who are not very experienced in resolution, 720 is the absolute minimum needed to call anything high definition, with the standard definition being 480. As a result, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition will often walk at or near that level on a handheld device. Fortunately, pixel density, along with handheld performance restrictions at 720p means you might not see a big difference in quality when compared to anchored performance.

Because we see the 720p limit for docked performance, this means 4K television needs to increase it to 1080 and then to 4K, making it look a little rough. This will look worse as the size increases, due to the lower pixel density. Not only is this bad news for some people, especially those who expect Wii port to do much better on newer consoles, it does not paint the most optimistic images.

Along with the resolution report, we also have an idea about frame rates. Fortunately, preliminary tests have shown it, which has a fairly stable frame rate, with examples where it drops frames over slowing down. Even if this is not what fans expect, it will ideally be a valuable tradeoff. We will find out when the release will be this weekend.

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