Leaker: Apple Will Occupy Lightning Via USB-C for ‘iPhone 12’ Before Going to Port-Less Next Year | Instant News

Apple will use the Lightning port instead of USB-C in the future “iPhone 12, “but it will be the last major series of Apple’s flagship phones to do so, with a model set to combine wireless and port-less charging Smart Connector system for data transfer and synchronization in iPhone “13 series” next year.

The claims above come from the occasional Apple leaker and Twitter user “Fudge” (@choco_bit), which was last month together allegedly a leaked ‌iPhone 12P image showing a revised rear camera arrangement with a LiDAR scanner, smaller front indentations, and Home screen widgets.

Fudge claims that Apple has tested the prototype “iPhone” with a USB-C port, but these models “will not be able to be produced.” Instead, Apple will stay with Lightning for another year before replacing the port with the “Smart Connector”.

Claiming a future iPhone that doesn’t have a port is nothing new. Apple designers are said to ultimately aim to erase most of the external ports and buttons on the ‌iPhone‌ for a clean and efficient device with fewer points of potential hardware failure.

Indeed, if wireless charging technology improves temporarily, Apple has the potential to get rid of charging cable together – and rumors do indicate that Apple will release an “iPhone” without a Lightning port by 2021.

According to Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kuo, the high-end “PiPhone” model come in 2021 will offer a “fully wireless experience.” Charging, perhaps, is done wirelessly through a charging, Qi-based or other accessory. (Whether the 2021 PiPhone‌ will be an Apple series called “‌iPhone‌ 13” or a revised “S” style of the upcoming “‌iPhone 12‌” this year is unknown.)

The addition of the “Smart Connector”, however, is a separate rumor. The use of the “Smart Connector” can complete the transition to wireless systems for wireless iPhone concealer, by charging and transferring data every day through induction and wireless, and the “Smart Connector” provides a way to attach accessories and cover recovery and recovery needs through special adapters.

Apple introduced the “Smart Connector” with 2015 iPad Pro and updated it for the 2018 redesign. It lies flat with the bezel and has three pins that provide power, data and ground. This is not impermeable, which is something that Apple needs to strive to maintain in the “iPhone” water resistance rating.

All of this is of course irrelevant if Apple surprised everyone and launched meluncurkaniPhone‌ with USB-C this year, showing where his future is now. Given the direction and purpose of Apple’s iPhone development, it seems unlikely, but we won’t know for sure until September or October, when Apple is expected to launch the latest flagship lineup.

Rumors have suggested that Apple will complete the transition to the “all-OLED” iPhone in 2020 with a new 5.4-inch device, two 6.1-inch models, and one 6.7-inch handset. The 6.7 inch iPhone and one 6.1 inch model are considered high-end OLED devices with a three-lens camera, while the 5.4 and 6.1 inch models will be the lower-class iPhone with a two-lens camera and a more affordable price mark. .


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