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Facebook today launched a new feature called “Silent Mode” that will allow you to minimize distractions by turning off app push notifications for a period of time that you specify. The company announced the changes as updates to Post the COVID newsroom, describes it as a way for users to set limits around how they spend time on Facebook as they adjust to new routines and work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Facebook, you can activate or deactivate Silent Mode as needed or you can schedule it to run automatically at the specified time. For example, if you work from home from 9am to 5pm, you can set Quiet Mode to run automatically during your workday to reduce your temptation to waste time on the application.

If you try to launch Facebook during Silent Mode, the application will remind you that you have set aside this time with the aim of limiting your time on the application, the company explains.

The controls for Silent Mode will be found in a new section on Facebook where you can see other data about the time you spend on the Facebook platform. Here, you can browse graphs showing the time you spend on Facebook every day, comparison of daytime and nighttime usage, and other graphs that allow you to see how many times you open the Facebook application. every day.

Facebook was introduced the first “time spent” chart in 2018, but their appearance has changed to better suit the style of the new “Your Time on Facebook” section, launched today. Facebook has now also added more analysis, including new week-to-week trends, cost of the day and a graph that displays the number of visits.

In addition, this section will include an option to activate weekly reports that will tell you how you manage your time. It will also link to the Activity Log of your own interactions on Facebook, including your reactions, comments and posts. And it will connect to other features that were previously buried in Settings, including the News Feed Preferences and Your Notification Settings.

The first is where you determine which people you see first in your News Feed, which to Postpone, which to Unfollow, and so on. The Notification Settings section, meanwhile, allows you to turn on or turn off push notifications and e-mail for specific updates from Facebook, such as new comments, friend requests, tags, birthdays and more.

These are not new features, but they have been moved here to make the new section more than one place to manage your time on Facebook.

Today’s change is the latest in a series of efforts that Facebook has made in recent years focusing on users’ “digital well-being”.

The digital welfare movement encourages the idea that our smartphones and applications are not built taking into account the mental health needs of their users, but rather are designed to maximize the time we spend staring at the screen. Users, after being aware of our mobile device addiction, begin to feel more negative about screen time and time-consuming applications.

Worried about a backlash, technology companies – included Facebook, as well as OS makers, Google and Apple – Introducing more digital welfare features into their platforms. This includes screen control now built-in that allows users to track and limit the time spent on mobile and even time spent on individual applications, such as Facebook.

One iOS feature, in particular, might have been a special threat to Facebook: New options introduced in iOS 12 which allows users to more easily turn off application notifications directly from the push notification itself. Apple even demonstrated how this can be used to easily silence Facebook notifications – an attempt to redirect this growing user’s negative sentiment to certain applications on its iOS platform, rather than to a platform that allows applications for spam users with warnings in the first place.

Facebook’s response to this iOS feature, too late, is the launch of Silent Mode today. Instead of turning off app notifications from the iPhone’s home screen, this option gives Facebook users more nuanced control. But that also means that Facebook maintains permission to push notifications during Quiet Mode hours.

Facebook confirmed Silent Mode in testing with a small percentage of Facebook users before launching today. This is the same feature reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong has seen in March, actually.

This feature is now being launched for more people globally on iOS and will continue to do so for a month or more, Facebook said. The launch on Android will begin with testing in May and a wider release in June.

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