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A rumor that a surge in the Take-Two marketing budget means the release of the fiscal year 2024 for Grand Theft Auto 6 has been destroyed by experts.

The rumor Grand Theft Auto VI will be released in 2023 the earliest has been denied. GTA 6 has not been officially disclosed by Rockstar, but confirmed their next game under development. Its predecessor, GTA V, is the second best-selling game of all time Minecraft and is the most profitable media in history. Long-standing open-world franchise gameplay, smart writing, and endless replayability make each game one of the most popular games of all time, despite the ongoing controversy over the subject of crime-focused games.

Nearly seven years from GTA 5Initial release, Rockstar has not provided a glimpse of the inevitable sequel settings, gameplay, release date, or even recognition of its existence. Since Red Dead Redemption 2 released in 2018, fans have been sticking to rumors and speculation about furthermore Automatic Big Theft, especially in the last few months. Allegedly an Easter egg in it GTA 5 should point to the release of 2021, earlier than expected. While the initial report was confirmed GTA 6 under development stated that it was at an early stage, Rockstar insiders should claim it Game story is over. Earnings reports for the parent company Take-Two Interactive signaled the release of fiscal year 2022, which in turn is challenged by a large surge in the planned planned marketing budget distant release for the anticipated sequel.

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Report from Reversed eliminating the latest rumors based on Take-Two’s marketing budget. While a marketing surge for fiscal year 2024 would make sense to promote a release of Grand Theft Auto VI will be, the actual marketing target is not relevant to Rockstar. The marketing tables used to develop rumors are for commitments to third-party companies; because Rockstar is an internal studio for Take-Two, any marketing on their behalf will not be reflected in that surge.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Character Art

If certain insiders can be trusted, GTA 6The release can be even faster than the fiscal release of 2024, placing it in 2022 or mid-2023. Take-Two has promised a sequel in the biggest franchise to investors in the next few years, even though they have properties like The NBA 2K and BioShock, so that information does not apply exclusively to Rockstar. Also note that GTA 5 still makes huge profits for Rockstar thanks Grand Theft Auto Online direct service, which can even increase after Epic provides free games for a limited time, causing their shop to strike.

Many fans are eager to see what will be the next generation Automatic Big Theft the game will look like, and even though a new theory or clue seems to emerge every week, the likely answer is that we are still years from the next installment in the series. Rockstar is not under real pressure to speed up the game, especially after starting a cultural change to fight the developer crisis. Until then, fans must be satisfied GTA Online and RDR2 to Grand Theft Auto VI finally released – or even announced.

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