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So, you’ve done it with your shiny Nintendo Switch for the past few months or weeks. Of course, that’s great enough with the unique ability to switch between docked and unlocked modes in seconds.

However, sometimes, it’s a bit too troublesome to still have to delete Joy-Cons from the Switch itself every time you want to play in docked mode. Even holding it for a long time can easily make your hands stiff because the designs are generally not economical.

Fortunately, there are some great alternatives to just the usual Joy-Cons Switch (and certainly much cheaper than the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller) out there that we can definitely recommend.

Speaking of which, just for comparison, Pro Controller officially sold around $ 139 for, just for a little price comparison. Rest assured, all the alternatives here will be worth much cheaper.

Depending on your needs (and possibly the budget), this will certainly add much needed comfort in the form of a proper controller when your Switch is in docked mode.

Additionally, having one additional controller always helps when playing songs like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Moving Out or Overcooked with family and friends.

Without further ado, here are our top choices for alternative Nintendo Switch Controllers on

8 Bit SN30 Pro + Bluetooth Gamepad

Price: $ 64.71

Arguably our favorite controller on the list, i.e. SN30 Pro + Bluetooth Gamepad of 8bitdo is the closest thing to the definitive replacement for the official Pro Controller, and that says a lot.

SN30 Pro + is a kind of past-meet-present because it resembles a cross between the DualShock 4 PS4 controller and the classic SNES controller.

Although the design is simple, however, this controller has quite a number of utilities, perhaps even more than Pro Controllers but at almost half the price. Aside from the Switch, it’s fully compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android.

In addition, the buttons can be remapped if you can connect them to a PC, have an adjustable analog stick, trigger sensitivity, vibration, and turbo functions that allow you to save the perfect macro to speed up boring farming days at Animal Crossing : New Horizon, and has a rechargeable battery that lasts about 20 hours on a single charge.

8 Bit SN30 Pro Bluetooth Gamepad

Price: $ 42.72

A little step-down from SN30 Pro +, usual SN30 Pro is another great alternative, especially for those who are more likely to reminisce than long-term comfort.

Seeing this is very similar to the classic SNES controller, we can imagine a lot of old school gamers who are salivating because of the prospect of playing games with this Switch.

Aside from the smaller size (and price), it actually sports almost all of the features that are on the SN30 Pro +.

The only downside here is, because it forgets the controller handle, the comfort of its grip may be pale compared to its successor, but of course that only means that the SN30 is far more portable as a result. At this point, this is a matter of preference for players, because both options are solid in their own right.

Or, there are also cable version of this controller which sells for S $ 40.87 to gamers who are more budget conscious.

8Bitdo Lite Bluetooth Gamepad


Price: $ 31.41

Compared to the other 8bitdo controllers here, this particular model is actually more like two Joy-Cons installed together, due to the button layout.

That 8bitdo Lite offering a more portable alternative thanks to thinness like wafers. Like the other two 8bitdo controllers above, Lite supports PC, macOS and Android compatibility, and uses the turbo function.

However, one downside (or upside down, depending on your preference) is that it has two D-pads (actually three, if you count four directional buttons) instead of analog sticks.

This makes it more ideal for fighting game players or retro players who prefer D-pad, but should still work well with people like Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey.

8Bitdo Zero 2 Bluetooth Gamepad


Price: $ 26.61

Okay, we promise, we are done with the 8 bitdo controller after this. But with a controller as small as this, how can we not including this on our list?

That 8bitdo Zero 2 it is literally on the side of your palm (actually, smaller than that), and can function as a great travel companion, or as an emergency backup controller if you suddenly find yourself lacking in Mario party sessions with your friends .

To be fair, unlike other controllers on this list, Zero 2 actually only serves alternative Joy-Con, because it only uses a lot of buttons, but serves a really great niche purpose for what it’s worth. Plus, it also supports motion control, which again makes it great for people like Mario Party and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Nyko Wireless Core Controller

Price: $ 42.75

Others like the great Pro Controller, who Niko Wireless Core Controller offers the closest to the official model in terms of ergonomics. First, it is a full size controller, which makes it great to hold especially for larger hands.

Additionally, it is wireless, and comes with a rechargeable battery life of up to 20 hours, which is perfect for long sessions on the Switch. It also has a Turbo button which can be programmed for almost all buttons for neat convenience.

Even though it doesn’t have motion control support, it doesn’t matter if all the player needs is a viable ergonomic alternative to Pro Controller.

Nintendo HORI Switch HORIPAD Cable Controller

Price: $ 39.27

If you prefer to play on the Switch in docked mode and don’t see yourself removing it too much, then maybe cable might be the way to go here, and HORIPAD wired controller maybe just what you are looking for.

It might not have the Rumble function and motion control, but make it for that with the turbo button, and the lack of the need to constantly put it down and charge it.

PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch – GameCube


Price: $ 53.00

Apart from the SN30 controller, GameCube PowerC Cable Controller is another one to peek at old schools, especially those from the Super Smash Bros. fandom. You could say there is no better way to play Destroy rather than using a GameCube controller, and this alternative option only offers that.

Unlike its cable counterpart, this controller is as simple as possible – just plug it in through the USB Switch dock’s input, and you’re fine. Of course, although this will still be a favorite to play with Smash, this controller is still very compatible with other Switch titles.

So far, this is our best choice for an alternative controller for the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, you can certainly choose the official Pro Controller if you have doubts about the connectivity and longevity of these other devices, but from our general experience, they have worked well, and will continue to remain as part of our arsenal for the long term.

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