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Seven matches in one day

As in all media, there are classics and absolute displays for computers and video games that fans should be interested in – if they have an interest in the appropriate genre. 2K Games released three collections for Nintendo Switch on May 29, which contained a total of seven games that changed the game.

In the unforgettable first-person shooter adventure, enriched with all kinds of mystery, horror, and role playing elements, “BioShock” abducted video game fans for the first time in 2007 in the underwater city of Rapture. Somewhere between art deco aesthetics, basic philosophical questions and mental damage, the players find an absolute masterpiece that is not without consideration considered one of the best shooters of all time.

If you haven’t experienced it all yourself, you can now pursue experience with “BioShock: The Collection” on Switch. In addition to the polished version of the first part, this collection also contains a revised version of “BioShock 2” and a full version of “BioShock Infinite”, the third game in the series. In addition to the main game, this package also includes all the single player expansions that have appeared over the years. The only question is: Are you good enough to explore the Rapture again?

After recently releasing “XCOM: Chimera Squad” for PC, the old strategy game series “XCOM 2 Collection” is finally came to the Switch. In addition to the main game, this collection also includes four download packages and an extension of “War of the Chosen”.

Since “UFO: Unknown Enemy” (also “X-COM: UFO Defense”) first appeared in the mid-1990s, players have faced a war against alien threats. The aim is to prevent the destruction of humanity in turn-based battles. In the “XCOM 2” strategy fans joined the guerrilla group to – good luck – repel invaders.

“Borderlands” can also be described as a pioneer, because the game has conclusively formed the “loot shooters” sub-genre. Apart from – let’s be honest – less important stories, the main focus here is on cracking, lots of weird humor and collecting new weapons.

“Borderlands Legendary Collection” includes adventure collections of “Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition”, “Borderlands 2” and “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel” including many expansions, which can best be handled with friends or can be. The package promises a total of several hundred hours of fun for fans.


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