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Xbox One Tweaks UI Update As Microsoft Is Preparing For the Next Generation

Microsoft and the Xbox team are very excited for the X Series to finally be launched, and most of it stems from the seamless nature of the upcoming console. Microsoft recently explained that the X Series will be able to add HDR support to Xbox One and even 360 games that were never designed to run in HDR. With the new Quick Continue feature, you will be able to keep your progress in several games and applications at once and switch between them very quickly. All of this sounds very neat and smooth, but something that has historically not been smooth is any console user interface.

Making the whole computer interface that needs to be controlled with just a few buttons and joysticks isn’t as easy as those designed to be navigated with a mouse and keyboard, or just a touch screen. However, most gamers are familiar with their respective console interfaces, as long as the menu layers and shortcuts make sense (and make the interface on different consoles feel counter intuitive). Basically, it’s like taking a bath; You just use your own shower so that the intricacies make sense, but everyone seems wrong.

New Xbox One Guide Menu:

This tweak can then be frightening, because things do not go as you expected, and although changes to the Xbox One interface over the years have been gradual, the latest changes seem to be a sign of the future. They changed the order of the tabs on the Guide Menu … it didn’t seem like a big deal, but now the Xbox One UI can’t be recognized from what was at launch.

This is the current Xbox One homepage:

This is the original form:

While the new update only shifts the order of the menu, and tweakes some small visual things, but it feels like one of the last steps towards the next generation. Who knows, the X Series can be launched with a completely different UI, but it looks like Microsoft makes it easy for users to switch gradually – or without limits – from the past to the future.


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