The Top 10: Worst Deals in History

Tom McTague, my former colleague, disagreed with Nigel Farage’s description of the federal government’s Brexit settlement as “the worst deal in historical past”, as did a number of different contributors. 

1. The Treaty of Lutatius, 241BC. Ended the First Punic Battle however helped trigger the Second. The indemnity, elevated by the Roman Meeting, was resented by Carthage. Hannibal, their subsequent chief, swore “by no means to be a pal of Rome”. From Graham Kirby. 

2. Danegeld. Considered one of Tom McTague’s. 

3. Faust. Nominated by Charlie Cooper. 

4. The Dutch agreeing to swap Manhattan for Run, a small spice island in Indonesia, in 1667. From Peter Warner. 

5. The Darien Scheme, 1698. Central American colony bankrupted Scotland and led to the union with England (in impact a bail-out) in 1707. Due to Julian Brook.  

6. The Louisiana Buy, 1803. Nominated by Tom McTague. “On the time, Napoleon thought it was a superb deal because it meant he had some money for warships. Looking back, enabling Thomas Jefferson to double the scale of the USA for about Four cents an acre won’t have seen such good worth,” added David Sutherland.

7. Treaty of Versailles, 1919. “Finally all of the signatories suffered from it,” mentioned Ian Moules. 

8. Dick Rowe rejecting the Beatles and signing Brian Poole and the Tremeloes to Decca data as a substitute, in 1962. Iain Martin ingeniously evaded the ban on the Beatles. 

9. Ronald Wayne promoting his share in Apple, 1976. Wayne, who labored with Steve Jobs at Atari, offered his 10 per cent stake for $800. At present price $83bn. Alasdair Brooks.

10. Eric Djemba-Djemba. He’s an affiliation footballer, I consider, your honour. Nomination impressed by Patrick Maguire. A number of nominations for different footballers acquired. 

No area for Moctezuma internet hosting Cortés (Charlie Cooper) or “all grocery store wine gives” (Tom McTague). 

Jonathan Isaby tried to appoint Gordon Brown’s sale of gold reserves between 1999 and 2002 “when the worth was all-time low, estimated to have price the taxpayer £5 billion”. Definitely not: it was completely smart to get the state out of the commodities hypothesis enterprise.  

One other nomination refused was the Munich Settlement – it might be argued it purchased time to permit British rearmament.

Within the “there’s all the time one” class, Mark Nash nominated Deal in Kent. 

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