Inter-island trips will help sales for businesses on neighboring islands | Instant News

There are many businesses that rely on tourism and sales from inter-island travelers. So for them, easing travel restrictions cannot come soon.

‘I see 2 types of tourism. One of them is inter-island and it will definitely affect our omiyage, our manju sales, “said Home Maid Bakery owner Jeremy Kozuki.

Crispy manju at the bakery is a popular treat for flying home. Kozuki anticipates better pedestrian traffic for other businesses.

“It doesn’t sound too dramatic but they are dying there,” Kozuki said. “I think we will survive but I hear, I think 10 or 15 percent of businesses will not be able to open again.”

The faster the business the better. Kozuki said he hoped inter-island trips would open faster than June 16.

“What we will learn in 13 days will prevent the spread as far as taking temperature and filling out surveys,” he asked. “I didn’t hear anything that would be different on June 16, so I don’t think I understand why we can’t open tomorrow.”

The Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association told us it was time to move forward and the hotel was ready.

“We know that inter-island is very important before we go to the next step and it starts with our local residents and why not,” said Hannemann, President of HLTA.

Hannemann says the hotel cannot cover losses and you will not see everyone open.

“But it’s a good way to start, especially with those who operate, and hopefully they can offer some kamaaina rates as an incentive for them to travel,” he said. “This is a graduation season and I’m sure some of them will be eager to see their loved ones.”

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