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As countries and destinations begin the reopening process, and people begin to feel comfortable making travel plans again after months of being locked, there is still a great amount of confusion and uncertainty about what travelers and travel advisors can expect in the future.
To help advisors track these changes, Sitata, one of the most comprehensive travel health and safety applications in the world, launches a new COVID Checker tool for advisers, which provides the latest coronavirus statistics and tracks travel restrictions around the world.
Sitata is just one of many technology companies that have developed tools to help combat fears and health and safety questions regarding COVID-19. The Sitata tool allows advisors to present information to their customers, and give them a better understanding of the situation in their desired destination, and as things continue to change, it will become more important to stay informed and update their clients about what changes have occurred around the world.
“We are trying to do our best to support this industry, and we hope the trust day of the journey will be healthy again,” Adam St. John, founder and CEO of Sitata. “And we are doing our best to help restore confidence in the journey again.”
How the COVID Checker tool works The Sitata application utilizes AI technology to monitor global events 24/7 and keep tourists updated in real time. The company uses technology to track the spread of the corona virus in December, and issues its first warning to users before even before the World Health Organization.
This application works by gathering relevant information from destinations and sources throughout the world, including travel disruptions, and giving advisors access to information in a concise, relevant way. It tracks changes based on five categories: airport closures, border closures, social distance information, curfews and transportation, providing up to 100 updates a day.
“So every time a country announces that things have changed, we take it and boil that information in a way that is very easy to use, to give you an understanding of whether you can enter the country, if public transportation is running, if you have to wear a mask, will you be quarantined … all of these questions can be answered by a quick search through this tool. ”
Future travel predictions “We see great pressure on the government to reopen, and restore the economy, and at the same time, most want to keep everyone safe and sound,” St. John said. “There is a balance there, and various countries take a different approach, but in general, we see loosening of travel restrictions.”
He said that while it was encouraging to see the country and its destination open, there were also potential dangers if not handled properly.
The Sitata COVID Checker tool can provide details of current trip specific destinations such as border closures, social distance measures, and more. Photo: Sitata
“Before international travel increased, what we saw was that secondary and tertiary outbreaks began to form, and the goal for most countries was to destroy these outbreaks as they appeared, and contain them as much as possible,” St. John “We anticipate a world where there will be easing restrictions, and then downloads as [outbreaks flare up]. ”
He also said advisers should look at how the outbreak had been handled throughout Asia, to have some indication of what would happen in the near future. “They are a few weeks ahead of us, so it’s always a good idea to see what might happen in the next few weeks.”
St. John estimates the industry will see a wave of change occur throughout the industry, “That’s where our strengths play … that’s where we think our tools can bring a lot of value to advisers.”
Add value to advisors This tool is freely available to travel advisors, and is supported by an API (application programming interface), which can allow users to embed programs on their own websites and adjust them as they wish to better suit their company’s aesthetics.
“Every advisor can go to the COVID Checker site and receive an embed code that they can add to their website or portal. It’s up to them how they use it. If they want a more specific approach, maybe put this in their application or personalize it for their own brand, “said St. John
The COVID Checker tool also utilizes a travel chatbot company called Eddy Travels, to help address user needs quickly and efficiently.
And as the industry continues to change in preparation for the return of the trip, it will be more important than ever for advisers to keep their clients updated, and to stay informed as much as possible about changes occurring throughout the world.
“We are trying to do our best to support this industry, and we hope that a day of trust in a healthy journey will return. And we do our best to help restore confidence in the journey again, “said St. John.

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