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There is no part of the tourism value chain that is not affected by this pandemic, with tour guides perhaps among the most severe. “The first job that must be stopped is our work. Then the last job to be opened is our work, “Baris HP Kavala, a tour guide in Turkey, stated calmly. And now, as the world moves towards reopening, tour guides – many of whom are freelancers, and almost all of them have been without work for the past few months – find themselves with new responsibilities in their hands: find out how they will do the work they safely and ensure visitors follow the health and safety protocols in the countries they visit. For a profession that has shifted to maintain its relevance in the world of independent applications and tours, this is another change that requires adaptation. Albushca Ritchie, president of the Federation of World Tour Guide Association Associations, said that in many cases guides faced this new responsibility themselves. Get the Latest Information about Coronavirus and the Travel Industry at Skift’s Liveblog “What we have found is that there is a gap with communication between the tour guide and destination sectors. So, even though the purpose of opening the border, they do not help with potential tourists and visitors in getting their trust to use tour guides, “said Ritchie. “Right now the guide is your ambassador in helping to share health protocols and helping visitors by doing this but don’t do it. “In many countries, tour guides are a profession regulated by the government. Ritchie said that around 35 percent of the association’s members came from these countries. For guides like Kavala – who is also president of the Turkish Cultural History Tourism Association Association and West Asia representative for WFTGA – the nature of seasonal and loose guidance does not mean he and his colleagues will only find other professions when times are difficult. This is a profession that many guides are proud of. “Guiding tourists in Turkey is a little heavier than other countries,” Kavala said. “We have 27 different civilizations that live in Turkey. If you want to be a tour guide here, you must know all of these civilizations at a minimum level. “Instead of not having a job when the closure occurred, Kavala said” it was the opposite – now we are working more but without making money. “The work he and his colleagues are doing is making their profession online, by building YouTube channels, Instagram content, and even Zoom seminars (some even paid) to reach their audience. On the one hand, he said, the pandemic has forced these guidelines to bring themselves more online, which is positive because it will prepare them to order more business without agency assistance in the future. Fortunately, Turkey provides financial assistance to them. tour guides in the form of low-interest loans, and Kavala said he expects to receive some training or guidance from the government tourism ministry on how to operate safely when the time is right. But he still hopes that tour groups will be smaller, prices higher, and overall visitors lower for the foreseeable future. It is important to note that although the border is opened and the destination focuses on regional and domestic travel, it is still not the same as working for a tour guide, “Ritchie said. “2020 from an income-generating perspective for many countries for many tour guides is something that will not happen … we will lose much of our knowledge and experience because tour guides will find other jobs and commitments and projects that generate income. We are worried about supplies when tourism starts to climb in 2021. “For tour guides who remain in the profession, they will face a new set of challenges after returning. Ritchie said WFTGA has a working group that develops health and safety protocols specifically directed to guide. This will incorporate general public health guidelines such as face coverings and the right amount of space to go between tour participants, but also more specific issues such as proper mask removal after the tour and how to guide people with hearing loss who cannot read lips when covering face used. GetYourGuide is also aware of this new tension using tour guides. The company – which is a tour booking platform and offers its own white label tour brand – is taking steps to support the guide in this new role. “This is no longer enough to [tour guides] being a steward of local culture; now, they must also act as enforcers of local community health and safety standards, “Mathis Boldt, vice president of global sales and supply at GetYourGuide, told Skift.” We focus on serving as strategic partners for tour companies, because they learn to play this new role without compromising their story. ” The company is trying to translate long government guidelines into a simpler format so that guides can remain compliant, and also create mandatory seminars that must be completed by all guides leading the GetYourGuide white label tour in the coming months, and certification will be more widely launched to the network Even though it is a difficult time for the profession as a whole, Ritchie hopes that the new role of tour guides as public health enforcers as well as storytellers will help improve the profession, in a time when it’s more tempting than ever to rely on smartphones to be your guide. ” bring it back centuries ago when the real tour guide was a storyteller – how did you get it through the application? “Ritchie asked.” This basically adds value to the experience of using real people, using tour guides. “See the sticky article ap

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