Throughout the week, we publish original stories night and day covering the impact of the coronavirus by connecting the dots across the travel industry. Every weekend we will give you a chance to read the most essential stories again in case you missed them earlier. Don’t forget to sign up 24 hours a day with our live blog for the latest information on coronaviruses and travel. Singapore Airlines could mean for other carriers: it was only European carriers who made bold statements like this against the legacy retail giants. The apocalypse ahead for the work of American airlines: the resumption of travel may begin, but it may not be enough to save thousands of jobs in American airlines. Unless Congress acts to extend the protection of the wage bill, mass layoffs could begin on October 1. 2019. Is the change of trajectory a temporary blow in the throes of a pandemic, or will it be lasting? Recreational vehicles are an increasingly popular vacation option that allows travelers to leave while feeling safe at home. more in the rapidly growing leisure travel segment is not immune to the negative impact of coronavirus on business.Expedia to Deliver Early Payday to Private Equity Investors: This is not It’s no coincidence that Expe The Dia group unveiled an improvement in booking trends on Monday, and then announced an offer of senior credit to refinance the company’s private equity debt a day later. Hey, whether you’re a homeowner or a large online travel company, a good refinancing deal can be smart and hard to resist. Is the end of the business trip a one-time meeting ?: Nothing says that you care about a customer like traveling long to see them. But after Covid, a culmination of trends could force companies to think of new ways to make them feel special. So the crisis is upsetting the boring business of how money is sent between travel agencies, resellers, technology providers and financial institutions. United Airlines warns 36,000 workers that they may be laid off or on leave: since March, United Airlines has been the first American carrier to sound the alarm over almost all the major problems facing the airline industry. This is also the case here. Look for other airlines in the global network to make similar announcements in the coming weeks. Of course, some people will always want or have to fly. But many more want to manage their risks, and it’s hard to do when the U.S. can’t control a raging pandemic. New booking data shows an unbalanced global recovery in frustrating travel outfits: you can’t really talk about a global recovery for the travel industry as a whole. Regions are out of sync, new data from Travelport reveals. Companies are affected differently, depending on their exposure to the market. See full articlePhoto credit: Singapore Airlines charges a supplement for certain reservations. Bloomberg

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