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Whether you’re still traveling or parked somewhere on a coronavirus timeout, you can dream and plan your next trip. I like to have lists of places to visit. Some may be travel destinations while others may simply be quick stops along the way that you don’t want to miss. Here are some ideas. Maybe the Hoover Dam is on your bucket list. Bucket list This is the big one. It really helps to make a bucket list to give you a goal. A trip can easily be built around these places. The bucket lists can be great places like the Grand Canyon, the Everglades or Mount Rushmore. Or, it could be places like your great-grandmother’s grave in a distant state. These places are worth the time for you personally. You can also create a bucket list activity type. We did parasailing in the Gulf, canoeed on the Mississippi, rafted down the Snake River, and kayak in Antelope Canyon. We always want to zip line someday, so it’s on our list. Maybe you want to take a helicopter tour. These are elements that you can integrate into your trip when it makes sense. We loved our special trip to check out Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. States Most RVers have a list of states. This can be the RV status sticker card that you can put on the side of your RV. They’re great for starting a conversation with fellow RVers. We just have a list on the computer where we keep track of the states we visited (we are at 44 states). You may want to define this list. We say our RV and the two of us have to visit the state to count. That means we don’t have to camp there, but we can’t take a day trip by car to count. Once we drove in our RV along New Jersey on I-84, but we decided it didn’t count. National parks There are 62 national parks. However, 419 locations include national parks, monuments, lakeshores, memorials and historic sites managed by the National Park Service. The number changes over the years, so from time to time we update the list. We have visited 154 and never expect to see them all, but this gives us a boost to visit places we would not have considered. Our definition here is that we both have to visit, but the RV doesn’t have to be here. Google “national park units” for a list on the Wikipedia site. Fun lists It’s fun to have a list or two that you find interesting. Many people have made it a goal to visit the 30 major league baseball stadiums in the United States, while others are also adding minor league stadiums. Another list could be the 76 CCC statues that can be found in various parks across the country. A list could be to visit the ~ 64 Spanish missions and presidios in Florida and from Texas to California. Or, Wikipedia lists 215 forts built on our ocean costs. How about visiting lighthouses along the two ocean coasts, the Gulf, the Great Lakes and even far from the water like the two in Nebraska? Another list could be the 132 national cemeteries as well as 33 lots and monuments of soldiers. Some lists can be quite unique, like the ~ 73 wooden statues found on “Trail of the Whispering Giants” by artist Peter Wolf Toth. Go local by deciding to visit all of the state parks in your state. Everything that makes sense to you is great! If you’re not traveling right now, you can at least keep dreaming of your next trip with these lists. Do you have an interesting list?

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