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Last week, I met Kacie Darden, owner of Blue Pineapple Travel in Marietta, Georgia, while sitting in front of her laptop working in her room at Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos. “We feel like in 2019,” she joked. It is true. No one has traveled extensively since the Covid-19 coronavirus started spreading to the U.S. The agency’s owner Kacie Darden is taking an outdoor yoga class on his recent trip to Mexico, but Darden wanted to see what type of precautions the suppliers were. taking it firsthand, so when her Grand Velas Los Cabos representative (Darden also stayed at this property) invited her to Mexico, she decided to go. Its objectives were twofold: to share what it is like to travel at the moment and to highlight the travel partners who do their best to mitigate the risks. She documented her experiences on the Blue Pineapple Facebook page. “If they’re going to bend back, and it’s usually sort of a major economic loss to do it, to be careful for the staff and the guests, I think they should be praised for that,” said Darden . Darden’s journey started long before she even arrived at the airport. Even though Mexico does not require incoming travelers to provide a negative Covid-19 test before arriving, Darden felt it was the right thing to do. “I couldn’t knowingly leave a hot spot to go somewhere, Los Cabos, which is really lukewarm to cool down with the virus, [without being sure] I did my best, “she said.” For me, the best effort is to wear a mask every time I am inside, to constantly wash my hands and be tested before my departure. To get a test, Darden did some quick research. test centers in Atlanta. She “practiced” getting an appointment a few days before the day she wanted to get tested so she got used to the system. She obtained an appointment a few days before leaving for Mexico, and after 45 minutes of waiting in the parking lot, obtained her negative test result. Darden admitted that the test is not perfect – a quick test let alone – and he simply captures a person’s Covid-19 status at the time, but it still represented “” she was trying. ” risk mitigation, don’t go down without risk, “she said.” No risk is only quarantine. “She flew to Mexico on Delta Air Lines. Delta is Darden’s airline of choice, but it was also attracted to it because it committed to blocking the middle seats and limiting the cabin capacity by September 30. In Mexico, Darden has been busy documenting everything from the use of a property’s gym (at Grand Velas Los Cabos, for example, customers make an appointment and get the facility done entirely for them- even before it is completely sanitized) until obtaining the temperature and oxygen controls, as well as safety packs with masks and wipes at Le Blanc. Darden plans to use his experiences in Mexico to speak to travel customers. For those who wish to go somewhere, she will tell them how to travel as safely as possible, she said. And for the moment, it does not encourage any travel for customers who do not feel ready. “Personal experience still helps in this industry, but I think even more now,” she said.

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