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At a virtual press briefing today, World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said nations around the world must do more to stop the spread of COVID-19 in within their own borders because international travel bans simply cannot stay. Only by strictly adhering to preventive health and safety measures, such as wearing masks and social distancing, will the world be able to beat the pandemic, he said, adding: “Where these measures are followed, the cases decrease. Where they are not, cases are increasing, ”Reuters reported. Trending now He cited places like Canada, China, Germany and South Korea where epidemics and community spread have been brought under control as good examples for the rest of the world to follow, called Mike Ryan, WHO Emergency Program Manager, Mike Ryan. unrealistic for the countries of the world to continue to close their borders indefinitely. “It will be almost impossible for every country to keep its borders closed for the foreseeable future. Economies must open, people must work, trade must resume, ”he said. “What is clear is that the pressure on the virus is driving the numbers down. Release that pressure and cases go back up. Ryan praised Australia and Japan for being successful in “containing the disease” but warned they could expect to see a resurgence of contagion in areas of continued active transmission if they ease the current. restrictions or allow increased mobility. And, that’s what has basically happened in many countries is that in nightclubs, other situations, dormitories, other environments where people are close to each other. can act as disease amplification points and then spread in the community. We have to be extremely vigilant about this, ”he said. Its essential point is that containment measures only work if they are applied consistently and remain in force long enough to be effective, fully accepted and respected by the public. “What we need to be concerned about are the situations where the problems did not arise, where the problems were glossed over, where everything looks good,” added Ryan. from Spain after a wave of new cases emerged in the middle of the summer holiday season in Europe, which is already meeting a lot of resistance from those who say the policy will further weaken the economies of both countries and stifle efforts nascent reopening of the tourism industry. current situation, Ryan said current conditions in Spain are nowhere near as bad as they were during the peak of the pandemic in that region and that he expects outbreaks to be soon mastered, although the process can take weeks. “The more we understand the disease, the more we have a microscope on the virus, the more precise we can be in removing it surgically from our communities,” he said. .

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