Japan to gradually lift ban on international travel from October | Instant News

We have seen travel bans around the world since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was done to minimize the flow of passengers and curb the spread of the new coronavirus. It served its purpose for a while, but also ended up affecting the economy in a major way and caused job losses in the travel industry. Read also – Do you want to live a sustainable trip? Head to these 4 destinations in India to explore just that. However, things now appear to be changing as a few countries have started to ease travel restrictions and lift the ban. Japan will soon join this group of countries. Also Read – Traveling During COVID-19 Era: A Comprehensive Guide To Planning Pandemic Travel According to reports, Japan will allow passengers from 10 countries to travel to the country. He selected these states based on the number of coronavirus cases in the regions. The list includes countries like New Zealand, Vietnam, and Australia where COVID-19 cases are lower compared to other countries. Notably, foreigners from the countries on the list will also be able to stay in Japan for more than 3 months from next month. .

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