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Recently, TravelPulse reported that pent-up demand for travel is increasing as more and more Americans are ordered to stay at home. Harris Poll, which tracks how Americans deal with coronavirus outbreaks every week, found that demand is increasing. continue to build. The survey found that 31% plan to “go on vacation / travel when everything returns to normal.” This is up 7% from the previous week. This is good news for travel, however, the industry must be vigilant when returning to normal. In fact, the poll asked Americans “After the pandemic was over and everything returned to normal, do you think each of the following areas in your life will be very different, somewhat different or largely the same? Influenced by these changes. Many Americans say that they believe that shopping and travel will be a rather different category after the pandemic.The majority think things will be at least somewhat different Thirty-two percent say they expect travel / holidays to be very different after the pandemic ends, and 34% say they expect travel / holidays are somewhat different once the pandemic is over, but 34% say they expect the trip to be largely the same, Americans are certainly still worried about air travel and cruises and survey results show that the categories will take longer to bounce back. Only 10% said they were behind and traveling by plane when asked what they missed the most, and 20% said it would take them a year or more to fly aboard the plane as the pandemic curve leveled. Twenty-one percent of Americans say they will stay in a hotel after a home stay order is lifted and 41% say they will stay in a hotel within three months. Sixty percent of Americans say they will stay in a hotel within six months. Fifty-seven percent of people say that it will take a year or more before they board a cruise ship. Janen Christoff, TravelPulseTravelPulse is the leading travel authority on the web, providing consumer travel news and insider tips and advice for an ever-changing travel world.


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