Can Americans travel to Europe? | Instant News

We are asked this question daily. The answer is = maybe Currently there is a travel ban for US residents in countries that belong to the European Union Some EU countries (like Italy and Malta for example) have been very transparent that US residents can enter, as long as they have spent the last 14 days in a “ safe ” country, such as Croatia. Most other EU countries will not publicly state whether they will allow U.S. residents to enter after spending 14 days in a safe country. Mainly because they base their travel bans on “ RESIDENCE + LOCATION ” which means they want visitors to be a RESIDENT of a safe country, and currently SITUATED within the last 14 days in a country sure. If you are a US resident and want to enter EU countries like Germany, Portugal, France, Spain etc. you will need to contact the consulate and / or border police to find out if a first 14-day stay in a safe country will then allow you to enter.

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