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HOUSTON (CW39) This is about the time of year to start thinking about when to go visit family members and whether you plan to fly or drive. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had an impact on the economy and has particularly hurt the travel industry. Research from Airlines for America shows that passenger flights are down about 62% domestically and about 79% overseas. Almost a third of the US fleet is still idling. National surveys show, however, that more people are ready to leave their homes and travel. So what should you know if you are planning to fly this holiday season? To get started, you’ll need to wear a mask at the airport, through TSA, and throughout your flight. Airports have increased their cleaning measures, and you will likely see Plexiglas shields around the TSA and ticketing areas. CHECK YOUR FLIGHT ON CW39.com “I recommend that people as soon as you buy your ticket go to your phone and make sure you have your carrier’s app on it. This is by far the most efficient and effective way for a carrier to notify you if there is any change or update to your flight or anything else relating to your travel plans. But it also means you can check-in from home, you can also fill out your quick health form online and never have to touch anything at the airport, ”said Rebecca Spicer of Airlines for America. . Houston airports have a Fly Safe Houston commitment. You can read more about what to expect at Hobby and IAH here. Spicer also advises not to assume that you can get to the airport by the minute because there are fewer travelers. She actually says she would warn otherwise. She suggests allowing a bit more time because of the changes. Also keep in mind that some kiosks and restaurants still haven’t reopened, so if you need a snack or a drink, pack a snack and an empty water bottle that you can refill with water. other side of the TSA.

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