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It’s no secret the American government is working hard now Washington DC. because of the plague from Coronavirus, but there is more for uscapital is more than just a busy politician and government decisions. Many of us can remember our high school trip to Washington D.C. But what Can you actually remember from That? Even if you are not a fan of history or interested a lot political, consider traveled to Washington D.C. to get involved diverse culture and beautiful city.

Wherever you look in the city, you will find yourself between something important. Monuments seem to be on every corner. You cannot visit Washington D.C without climbing that 87 Step to see the Lincoln Memorial facing that extraordinary Reflection Pool with Washington Monument in the distance. Located ibetween these two monuments is peace Constitution garden it’s a great place for a leisurely walk in a bustling city. Lincoln Memorial is A popular point but maybe most known for “I Have a Dream” speech Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963 was attended by more than 250,000 people. THi remember that impactful speech and the man behind him, vIsitor can see Martin Luther King Jr. Warning that only aabout 10 minutes walk from the Lincoln Memorial.

There are hundreds of monuments and warning in Washington D.C., but the most memorable one for me is World War II Warning. Yris warning honor all people who serves in world war II through beautiful was made granite columns representing the states and territories in America at the time. Fountains and arches more meaningful to our country than fair charming architecture beautiful and see respect to our army can be open eyes the experience of many people.

There is even more to do in Washington D.C. from only visit monuments and memorials. When touring the city, you can stop at one of that 20 Smithsonian Museum. You will have no trouble finding something interestings You, as a museum starting from sharing American history for Air and space. There are also many opportunities to see art and gardens, and You can visit the National Zoo to see all animals. The best part Is that all from this activity free to the public. You can even sit in the Supreme Court case without charge.

You are boyouand hungry while touring in the District of Columbia. L.with naughty, city had been many food choices. Taste food from culture throughout the world in an American city.

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