CDC advises Americans not to travel on Thanksgiving, mask themselves, and bring their own food if they attend rallies | Instant News

Topline As experts brace for an increase in the number of coronavirus cases after Thanksgiving, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their guidelines on Thursday, urging Americans not to travel for the holidays – instead to celebrate virtually and with those they live with – or take special precautions if they attend gatherings. People wearing face masks to protect them from the novel coronavirus while selecting pumpkins for … [+] Thanksgiving. NurPhoto via Getty Images Key Facts The CDC recommends no travel during the Thanksgiving period, the centre’s Covid-19 incident director Dr Henry Walke said at a press conference Thursday announcing the new guidelines. While not a warrant, the CDC strongly recommends that Americans only spend Thanksgiving with those in the same household – anyone who hasn’t been home in the past 14 days, including returning students. at home for the holidays. If Americans choose to attend gatherings, the CDC recommends that they follow “the same recommendations for day-to-day living,” which involves staying six feet away from those in different households and wearing a mask. inside someone else’s house. The new guide also advises anyone who meets with people outside their household to bring their own food, drinks, plates, cups and utensils on Thanksgiving, avoid areas where food is prepared or handled, and rely on options. for single use as salad dressing and condiments. packages. Critical Quote “At an individual household level, what is at stake is essentially an increased risk that one of your loved ones will fall ill and then be hospitalized and die,” Walke said. “We certainly don’t want that to happen. These times are tough. It has been a long epidemic. Key background A record number of Americans contracted Covid-19 during the month of November, averaging more than 160,000 new cases per day in the past week, as new deaths creep to levels seen in the worst April and May of the pandemic. . Citing more than 1,900 new deaths Wednesday, bringing the total death toll in the United States to more than 250,000, experts warn that the average will soon reach 2,000 a day. In an already tense moment, many state leaders have urged residents to stay home during the holidays lest they become more prevalent events. Walke said one of the biggest concerns is that asymptomatic people can introduce the virus into their communities, as 30% to 40% of the spread is due to those who do not know they carry the virus. There is “no time more important than now for every American to redouble their efforts and monitor our distances, wash their hands and, above all, wear a mask,” he added. Further Reading “The Coronavirus Outbreak in Canada After Thanksgiving Is a Warning for the United States” (Forbes) “Thanksgiving Trip Will Create Next Big Broadcast Event, Fear Experts” (Forbes) “Don’t Ignore Safety of Covid-19 this Grace Year ”(Forbes) Full coverage and live updates on the Coronavirus.

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