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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was driven by a slowing rate of corornavirus infection in the region but said City Hall could expand restrictions on public activity if the numbers turned worse.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said on Monday that he was driven by a slowing rate of corornavirus infection but warned that City Hall could expand restrictions on public and business activity if the numbers suddenly change for the worse.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Garcetti said the possibility included including requiring people to live mostly in their neighborhood, rather than traveling longer distances to shop and exercise, and pinning at construction sites with workers in too close a distance.

Nothing is close but “be prepared for more, depending on the statistics,” the mayor said.

Beginning in mid-March, the city imposes extensive restrictions on places that have a closed fitness center, bar and dining room, and business activities are limited to work paths that are considered important. Now, the freeway is flowing freely with most residents spending their days at home.

But activity limits can be more difficult.

“There are many things that are always considered,” the mayor said. There is “a place, an industry that is currently considered quite critical, but if it’s bad enough, we can say maybe some of these things we just have to postpone and live without.”

Even with the rate of infection slowing down, the mayor said that the greatest risk of getting sick is at home, when a brother, mother or other family member is sick, unaware of it and spreading the virus to others, or failing to isolate itself after a fever and cough .

A person can be infected with a virus and show no outside signs for up to 14 days, health said the official.

“My biggest fear is that spreading is happening in the household,” the mayor said. “There is a whole class of people who don’t think they have it that can become spreaders.”

“What if the whole hospital? Nobody can go out to buy groceries, “he added.” It makes people who deliver food ingredients risky. For me, where I think a big spread will happen now. ”

In preparation for a surge in cases and deaths that could come in two to five weeks, the mayor said he continued to look for more ventilators and protective medical equipment for hospital workers. He gave mixed assessments to the federal government throughout the crisis.

“We have helped a lot, but I think we all recognize that there is not yet the kind of federal leadership we need,” Garcetti said. “And it’s not just about the administration (Trump), but it’s about years and decades of preparation and ignoring those who say this can happen.”

“We have no assistance in testing,” he added, although he praised Washington for its financial assistance to the cities, including assistance for the homeless.

“This is not a kind of hyper-partisan moment in our interactions,” he said. “We got very good help” from federal agencies and the White House.

Meanwhile, to take care of themselves health, the mayor, said he walked with his daughter, remembering military-style exercises from his days in the Navy and online to join friends.

“There might be two or two dance parties,” he said.


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