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“You will not believe it, but I’m at home,” cracked Justin Hartley, answering the call from Condé Nast Traveler. The actor, who lives in Los Angeles, only left his home in the midst of the pandemic to film the fifth season of This Is Us, now airing on NBC. From inside his home in a global COVID-19 epicenter (although he has at least had a new puppy for the company throughout the experience), Hartley longs to travel again. try new dishes, ”says Hartley. “You learn a piece of history. When I was in Paris the last time, I walked around the Louvre and the really small Mona Lisa. I had no idea! I don’t know what’s going to happen after this pandemic ends, but I think people are just going to mess around and travel all over the place. Recalling his favorite trips, hotel amenities and the pleasures of arriving at the airport early, Hartley is ready for whatever comes next. “Nobody will say no more,” he promises. “‘You want to go there?’ Yes. Go! ”Getting to know her neighborhood during the pandemic: My neighborhood consists of the walls of my house and my yard. I got to know my yard, my house and every room quite well. This very seriously. When the pandemic hit and everyone was like, Wait a minute, what is it? I just had too many questions to dismiss it as eh, whatever. I didn’t Haven’t really left since. You sometimes shop for groceries when you absolutely need it. We have workplace safety protocols for filming This Is Us. Other than that, I spent every moment here at home. I’m in the pool or in the kitchen or in [my] gym or watch TV or read. Arriving early at the airport: I don’t rush because I’m arriving too early. I don’t miss a flight. It was really great working on the show and working for NBC and the studio, because they sort of take care of that, all of the logistics. You just don’t have to worry about it. When it’s just me on vacation, I don’t panic because I don’t allow myself. I get there two or three hours in advance. I’m a jerk when it comes to this. I’m wasting the whole morning sitting there at the airport knowing I’ll be on this flight. I do not support [the stress]. You’re like, “Oh, I didn’t know it was going to take another 20 minutes on the 405. Now I only have 15 minutes!” It’s not even worth it. What a way to start a vacation! It’s terrible Her favorite airplane outfit: I was looking for one, if you have any suggestions. It’s just me personally – I don’t wear pajamas in public. I envy people who walk around in slippers and pajamas. I always feel like I should dress. I usually put on jeans and boots and a t-shirt, maybe a hoodie in case it gets cold. Then you’re four, five hours in the flight and you’re like, God, I wish I were in jogging pants. I’ll find something. I know Alo Yoga has comfy stuff that looks presentable, like it’s actually clothes. How he spends his time on the plane: I’ll try to get into a book. Before all of this happened, I was traveling quite a bit. It was a lot of LA-New York, or LA-Atlanta, a lot of domestic flights. I’d fly Delta and all things on Delta are the same – you get to the point where you’ve seen all the movies, you’ve seen all the shows, then you start reading. I’m the guy who’ll go to the newsstand and grab four, five, six magazines that I haven’t seen and flip through them on a plane. I love them. I can’t get enough. .

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