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CAMP ZAMA, Japan (January 25, 2020) – For more than 38 years, Zama ITT has offered travel services here ranging from bus tickets to full international packages. However, due to COVID-19-related travel disruptions, the office closes at the end of the day on January 29. Lawrence Clements, Zama ITT Liaison Officer, said that since hardly anyone travels, the company receives few customers. , this week we had maybe one or two people, ”said Clements, who has worked in the office for about 35 years. Zama ITT’s owning company, Tokyo-based Millesimes Inc., is interested in bidding on future contracts for travel services with family and camp Zama morale, welfare and recreation when travel conditions are improving, Clements said. In a statement, Camp Zama’s FMWR said COVID-19 has ravaged the travel industry around the world, and Zama ITT officials have made the difficult decision not to renew their contract. As people around the world receive the COVID-19 vaccine and life returns to normal, FMWR hopes to offer the services again. “At Camp Zama Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, we would like to thank the entire Zama ITT team for their professionalism and excellent customer service during their tenure here at Camp Zama,” the statement read. Likewise, the three office workers, who have a combined experience of over 56 years there, said they wanted to thank the clients they have loved helping over the years. “Everyone is very friendly and we have very good clients here,” said Yuko Inoue, operations manager, who has worked in the office for 19 years. “We’re having a great time with the people here.” Longtime customers said the announcement made them sad. Gaye Perera, a teacher at Zama High School for 33 years until her retirement in 2020, said that Zama ITT’s closure “is the end of a” Clements worked in the office when Perera arrived at Camp Zama in 1987, and it’s likely people won’t realize how valuable he and the other staff were before they left, Perera said. Using ITT was all about planning hop-on hop-off trips, “Perera said.” It was nice to be able to come in, tell a rep where you wanted to stop and have a great itinerary based on your travel plans. [I took] incredible trips to Nepal, Borneo, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bali [and] Tahiti; you could tell the staff where you wanted to go and they would take care of it. Carmen Middleton, meanwhile, a teacher at Zama Middle High School, said she relied on Zama ITT for trips that required a full tour. For eight years, the ITT crew helped me see the world, ”Middleton said. “They booked me the best possible flights, always remembering my seat preference. They never let me down with hotels; they always took care of me. Middleton said it’s a shame the new young teachers who come to Camp Zama don’t have the support she needs to visit places in Asia. “What makes me sad about their closure is is the thought of how my years here would have been different without their help – the places I might not have visited and the experiences I might not have had, “Middleton said. , when Zama ITT posted on the Facebook page of the office they were shutting down, a long list of laments quickly popped up. “So many good memories started with a call to Zama ITT,” writes Michelle Foust. “Thank you for that great service! Sad to hear you are closing. “” As a Zama ITT customer and someone who has enjoyed traveling for many years with Zama ITT [,] that saddens me, ”wrote Betty Ann Stinson. “Thank you for your dedication to your clients and for offering the best as a travel agency. I’ll miss you. The office workers are looking for jobs, but said if the travel industry improves, they would like to return to work at Zama ITT. Clements, a retired lieutenant colonel, was first posted as a soldier at the camp. Zama in the 1970s for almost eight years, and he returned to base to work for Zama ITT in 1985. Over the years, Clements has seen Zama ITT help people visit “almost every country except of North Korea ”. Travel is valuable because it reveals people to different cultures and helps them continue to learn, Clements said. “The more you travel, the more you learn and feel comfortable working with other people,” he said. Katsuhisa Takagi, a sales representative with the office for over two years, said he also enjoys traveling, and this is one of the reasons he wanted “You learn something new,” said Takagi, who specializes in assisting clients on domestic trips to Japan. “You can see a new culture… it makes your life so much better.” Camp Zama’s FMWR offers leisure travel services and outdoor recreation programs on their website. Find the latest information on current tours, trips and adventures at

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