Super Bowl 2021: Chiefs Make Major Changes To Tampa Travel Plans Due To Pandemic, Compared | Instant News

USA Today When the Kansas City Chiefs went to Super Bowl LIV in Miami last season, they traveled to South Florida a full week before the game. However, that will not happen this year due to the pandemic. With the NFL trying to keep teams as safe as possible between now and Super Bowl LV kicks off, the league is taking every precaution and that includes keeping the Chiefs in Kansas City for as long as possible. According to, the Chiefs won’t be flying to Tampa until the DAY BEFORE the game. It is not a typo. The Chiefs land in Florida on February 6, just a day before playing the Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV. The change in schedule will allow chefs to maintain the testing routine they’ve been following all season to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If the Chiefs had flown a week earlier for the game like they did last year, they would have been in a new town where they probably would have met hundreds of strangers, which you don’t want to face for a pandemic. . For the Buccaneers, they won’t really have to make any changes this week and that’s because they’re set to become the first NFL team to play a Super Bowl in their stadium. Basically it means the Buccaneers can keep their regular season routine that they normally would have for a home game. With the Chiefs not heading to Tampa until February 6, that means one of the key NFL events will undergo a major change. Super Bowl media night will still be held this year on February 1, but everything will be done virtually, meaning there won’t be any awkward interviews with costumed reporters or people in disguise like young Andy Reid. is going to be slightly different and that’s because Raymond James Stadium will only be about a third full. The NFL has announced that 22,000 fans will attend and 7,500 of those tickets will be given to vaccinated healthcare workers. Not only will every fan be required to wear a mask at the Super Bowl, but the NFL will be handing out a KN-95 mask to everyone in attendance. While prepping for the Super Bowl has a different feel, it’s still Tom Brady vs.Patrick Mahomes, which means you’ll definitely want to watch when the game kicks off Feb. 7 on CBS (6:30 p.m. ET).

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