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One way to make money while you’re trapped within the four walls of your house: take a trip down memory lane. If you traveled a lot before the pandemic, dig through your old photos. Take a break when you find the ones that take your breath away. You can sell these jaw-dropping photographs, earning you a little extra income even when your travel plans are well founded. Here’s how to sell travel photos. Sell ​​your travel photos to a storage agency When you sell your travel photos to a storage agency, you upload a high resolution version of your image to their website. Then the agency connects those looking for images with your work. For every photo you sell you will earn a royalty. Because you often give up certain rights to your photographs when working with a storage agency, be sure to choose the right agency the first time. You generally will not be able to list your images on more than one site. Sell ​​your photos to travel magazines Before the publication was distributed primarily online, selling photos to travel magazines was a lucrative business. Today you probably won’t be able to make a career out of just travel magazine photography, but you can make some extra income.Most photographers aren’t going to break into big magazines like National Geographic, especially when their first try. But a convenient alternative is to search for local magazines based in the places you’ve traveled. For example, if you took a trip to the Adirondacks and got some great photos, you can submit them to Adirondack Life. This magazine pays between $ 75 and $ 400 per image, so if you have compelling images from your time in the Nevada desert, Nevada Magazine might be interested in them. Here you will earn between $ 25 and $ 250 per image. Get paid to photograph the campsitesHipCamp is the Airbnb of campsites. And just like on Airbnb, people who list their properties on HipCamp could use the help of a photographer. Visually appealing ads are booked more often. HipCamp works with photographers – including amateurs – to facilitate this photography service. Here’s what photographers get for visiting a campsite and providing their services: $ 75 to $ 100 in cash compensation per campsite, free stay on property, ability to bring other people with you on your trip. submit 15 to 20 photos per campsite. Previous experience is not required, but the end product should be of high quality and your equipment should also be of high quality. Selling Prints or Novelty Items Another way to make money with your travel photographs is sell prints or novelty items with your photograph printed on it. Mugmug, for example, lets you sell your photographs on coffee mugs, magnets, coasters, ceramic tiles and more. You can also sell photo prints, and you get 85% of the profit. If you want to keep even more profit, you can sell your photographs on Etsy. Etsy pays you 96.5% of each sale minus $ 0.20. On Etsy you will either need to make all the novelty items yourself or enlist the help of a drop shipper who also offers printing services. Brynne Conroy is a contributor to The Penny Hoarder. This was posted at originated on The Penny Hoarder, a personal finance website that empowers millions of readers across the country to make smart decisions with their money through practical and inspiring tips, and resources on how to earn, d ‘save and manage money. .

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