Coronavirus fears cause Ohio people to cut almost all highways: ODOT | Instant News

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Ohio residents have cut their trips by almost half since Governor Mike DeWine called for restrictions to combat the spread of the new corona virus, data collected by the Ohio Department of Transportation suggest.

The department monitors traffic on several roads to assist planning, thus collecting the number of vehicles that use this road every day. For most of the day, calculations show, traffic across the state fell by more than 40% than usual, with some weekend days decreasing by more than 50%.

See below for changes in traffic on the road measured, by day, for various regions of the state.

This is what is shown by the latest data for several major highways in Cuyahoga Regency:

The George V. Voinovich Bridge carries I-90 traffic above the Cuyahoga River in the city center:

Normal: 152,486 / day

Monday, March 30: 80,790

47% down

I-71 north of I-480

Normal: 111,293 / day

Monday, March 30: 58,049

48% down

I-90 east of the city center (152nd St.)

Normal: 116,952 / day

Monday, March 30: 68,053

Down 43%

The data does not show the small trips taken by people in their own environment, or how many miles people traveled. It also does not distinguish between private passenger vehicles and trailers that transport commercial goods.

Click here to see the size of the different traffic changes in Ohio, as reported by the New York Times.

This is what ODOT reported for various parts of Ohio:

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