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Attention to detail, thoughtful features, and consideration of mobile photog needs become clear in Trip Design Trip Trip makes it important for every photographer, regardless of skillet or camera choice.

Travel Tripod Design Peak

We have tried many tripods over the years, given the typical settings of our two devices. As a general rule, we use one tripod that is heavier for the studio and the second for travel. The last of the two is often full of compromise but will still carry a significant price tag.

Hold the tripod in hand

Holding a Hand Tripod in hand “

That is not the case with Tripod Trip Peak Design.


The most striking aspect of the tripod is its design. This small and stylish is available in aluminum and carbon fiber models.

The Peak design uses a custom aluminum or carbon fiber tube to make a Travel Tripod

The Peak design uses a custom aluminum or carbon fiber tube to make a Travel Tripod

Peak Design takes a different path with a special tripod. It tore apart the tripod metaphors to re-imagine how a tripod should be built.

Most tripods are a series of tubes that are stacked together, but this causes a lot of wasted space. Instead, the Peak design uses a rounded trapezoidal shape for the legs. This may alone be one of the biggest cost contributors to a tripod.

It is much easier to extrude cylindrical aluminum tubes than this custom shape. Making it from carbon fiber is also more difficult.

Travel Tripods in Peak Design Travel Packages

Travel Tripods in Peak Design Travel Packages

Thanks to this design, the overall Travel Tripod is no wider than a water bottle and can easily fit into the side pockets of many backpacks, including Peak Design travel packages or Everyday Backpacks.

Not only is the tripod very compact, but it’s also sturdy. The tolerance between the parts is so small that when mounted properly, the tripod hardly moves at all. This camera is extraordinary and better resistant than our Manfrotto video studio tripod. Because it’s light and sturdy, when used – even with the camera at the end – you can take all the legs and take it with one hand and move it.

Peak Design special ball head for Travel Tripod

Peak Design special ball head for Travel Tripod

Above the tripod is a custom ball head. This is very important because it allows you to straighten a photo, install a camera or cell phone, and it must be easy and convenient to use.

Peak Design has done a number of things here. When it collapses, it fits between the legs of a tripod, allowing it to fall more than one unit with a normal ball head sticking out from the top.

It is also controlled through a smooth adjustment wheel. Rotating left loosens it and allows the head to rotate freely before turning back to right tighten right back. Very fast to loosen, adjust, and tighten without having to think about it. Grooves make it easy to rotate to portrait mode too.

Overall, a tripod is very fast to use. Peak Design says the internal office record is under 10 seconds, and while we can’t match that, it’s not far.

To exert and stretch your legs, you can grab all four keys at once and pull it back to open. Then you can rotate the tripod 120 degrees, hold the next set of keys, open it, rotate once more, and unlock the last leg. Then all leg segments can extend at once. To lock it open, rotate the tripod around while pushing the key back into place for each segment that is opened.

Hold and unlock all leg segments at once

Hold and unlock all leg segments at once

Being able to deploy quickly can be the key to capturing shots, especially when traveling. You might not expect to find that perfect scene and you want to get your photos taken as quickly as possible before the subject moves, the sun sets, or your shots are blocked.

The traditional leg serves another purpose – maintenance. If you’ve ever shot in a dusty environment or maybe on a sandy beach, you know what it can do with your equipment. Just as you will protect your camera, you must protect your tripod. After shooting, the sand can easily get into the feet, grind and damage the tripod.

Cleaning the Tripod Top Travel Design

Cleaning the Tripod Top Travel Design

For travel tripods, the top segment has additional clips that can be loosened. When canceled, the bottom segment can be deleted. It comes then entirely separate for you to be diligent in cleaning between each part. This is also how the bottom is removed to use an ultra-lightweight conversion kit.

Special cam, cellphone, and everything in between

Swiss Arca's universal quick release plate is connected to a special ball head and works with a Peak Design strap

The Swiss Arca universal quick release plate is connected to a special ball head and works with a rope and anchor Design Peak

This tripod is not designed only for mobile devices, but near whatever device you want to shoot, be it a special DSLR, a mirrorless shooter that is practical when traveling, or just your iPhone.

A useful hex wrench is clamped to the side of one of the three tripod legs

A useful hex wrench is clamped to the side of one of the three tripod legs

For your camera or shooting rig, Travel Tripod relies on the Arca-Swiss standard quick release plate. There is a hex bolt on the bottom of the plate to secure it securely to your teeth. Peak Design attaches to the hex option instead of the finger-tightened screw because of its stronger grip. Tripods have a weight limit of 20lb, so full-frame DSLRs and the toughest telephoto lenses will feel comfortable.

The hex tool can be used to connect / remove a quick release plate or to enter ultra-low mode

The hex tool can be used to connect / remove a quick release plate or to enter ultra-low mode

When you rely on it for your equipment in the locals, which is sometimes dangerous, we get it. The biggest thing that Peak Design does to support hex screws is to add hex tools to one leg which is always available to swap plates. This tool has a plastic clip that flips to the foot, and the tool easily slides out if necessary.

During your photographing cell phone, Peak Design has given you a Travel Tripod. The middle column has secrets – a cell phone holder for traveling. To access, pull back one or two tripod legs and look for a hook that weighs one founder. Grab the base, pull down and rotate it. The hook magnetically connects to the mountain hidden inside.

Peak Design ensures with attention to detail and design that everything is precision and balanced. The cellphone holder itself is loaded in a spring, appearing as soon as you turn the lid free – but not so much that it comes out.

The mount can be stored in both directions, making it easy to reinsert. When ready to shoot, the stand is folded open and then clips right into the Arca stand on a tripod. It also springs to fit various sizes of cellphones, inside or outside the box.


The Travel Tripod is its own accessory, but Peak Design does have an additional section to customize the device for each user. Because of the modular design of the tripod, it is very easy to swap components if necessary.

The TPU legs on the Travel Tripod Top Design can be removed and exchanged for nails

TPU legs on a tripod Travel Top Design can be removed and exchanged for nails

Take a tripod foot – outside the box, the foot is a standard rubber foot that does a proper job so it doesn’t slip. If on dangerous terrain, you can swap legs for nails for additional grip.

Even though the ball head is very good, if you want to replace it for one of your choices, you can do it with a universal head adapter – like a flowing head motion for videography.

The ultralight conversion kit releases the four bottom tripods and adds legs to the other parts. A tripod can no longer widen as far as possible, but with the kit, it is now as light as possible.

Should you buy the Top Design Travel Tripod?

So far, this is not the cheapest tripod on the market, and is very fitting in the realm of premium photographic equipment. It was there for a reason.

The Travel Tripod Design Peak is fully deployed

The Travel Tripod Design Peak is fully deployed

The Peak Design Travel Tripod is by far the most capable tripod we have ever tested. For whom it is intended, the quality of design and development is unmatched. It’s more than holding itself up when it comes to other tripods in the industry but it is much faster than them when it comes to additional features.

iPhone 11 Pro Max with Nomad Moment case and 18mm Moment lens

iPhone 11 Pro Max with Nomad Moment case and 18mm Moment lens

It has a small form factor, an easy-to-use ball head, an almost instant installation process, a hidden cell phone holder, an integrated hex device, carbon fiber manufacturing options, and a soft tote bag. Add to this the fact that the quick release plate works with all other Peak Design equipment such as clips and stands, and the tripod and plate can be carried with Peak Design straps while the entire tripod can fit into the side pocket of the Peak Design backpack.

Then consider an upside down mode that allows you to shoot upside down, an ultra-low mode that lets you shoot completely flat on the ground, and support the Arca “L” bracket.

That’s a lot of technology in a product that is so concise and simple.

The Travel Peak Design Tripod is quite compact

The Travel Peak Design Tripod is quite compact

Cellular and travel photography has increased in popularity in recent years, thanks to the better camera that comes with smart phones and accessories that are increasingly quality to follow. Smartphones also have software to make amazing time lapses and other effects that are more difficult to do with special cameras.

Regardless of what you take, if you want to enhance it and take it to the next level, then invest in a Travel Tripod Top Design Tripod.


  • Including a soft case with an anchor at the end
  • The special ball head is easy to use and works with Swiss Arca plates
  • Designed to work with other Peak Design teeth
  • Very compact and sturdy
  • Lightning fast to use
  • Choice of stylish aluminum and carbon fiber
  • Worth the investment
  • The hidden cell phone mount is always within reach
  • The hex tool is easily accessible
  • Supports reverse mode for ultra-tight shooting and ultra-low mode to keep it level to the ground
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning
  • Accessories allow it to have more functions


  • Not as tall as other tripods
  • Too light for overhead mode
  • Premium special designs come with premium prices

Rating: 5 out of 5

Where can we buy

The Peak Design Travel Tripod was launched today, 7 April, and until 10 April, Peak Design will donate 100% of each tripod sold to COVID-19 disaster relief and combat climate change. Funds will be distributed to the CDC as well as to Neutral Climate. Peak Design is a carbon neutral business so giving back and caring for the environment is in its DNA.

To take a tripod, head to the Peak Design website. The Aluminum Travel Tripod costs $ 349 and the carbon fiber model costs $ 599.


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