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Apart from everything, we still need to eat. And more than that, we still need to dream. Thanks to coronavirus and COVID-19, it takes a while before we can get on a plane to enjoy an epic four-handed dinner or to dig deep into local cuisine. Most major restaurants in the world are closed responsibly today. To help us live better than staying at home, here are 10 new and new cookbooks that combine a variety of delicious recipes with a chair trip – call it a stove trip?

Sun and Rain by chef Ana Ros from Hisa Franko and journalist Kaja Sajovic, Slovenia

When I eat dinner Hisa Franko Last fall, I was fascinated by creativity and strong dedication to creating dishes that tasted the pure and beautiful Soca Valley. Chef Ana Ros, who was named the World’s Best Female Chef and who is credited with placing Slovenian gastronomy on the menu map, was compiled Sun and Rain as a glimpse into his special and rebellious cooking style. This book combines recipes, photos, poems, stories and personal memories from chefs, who currently care for their international kitchen brigades and provide bread and other food for the local community.

Falastin by chef Sami Tamimi from Ottolenghi and recipe writer Tara Wigley, London

Chef Yotam Ottolenghi restaurant group in London has long been known for celebrating Palestinian cuisine. Now, after several other books, his latest book (available for pre-order before the July publication date) is a complete love letter. The book is illuminated with stories of Tamimi’s childhood in Jerusalem and Wigley’s culinary traveling throughout the region. Inspired by their collaboration with farmers and producers working in Palestine today, they use transport photography and more than 100 recipes to bring readers to the table and to refugee camps, home kitchens, tahini factories and family farms, offering multiple perspectives about return and exploration.

My Greek Table by chef Diane Kochilas, New York

Greek-American chef Diane Kochilas will make her debut in the third season the PBS program with the same name like this book. Since he was a child, a native New Yorker has visited the island of Ikaria, his father, and fell in love with cooking skills in what is also the Blue Zone for long life. At Ikaria, he understands the taste of life: “simplicity, nowness, and excitement dancing all night without paying attention to the call, the call of a staccato rooster that must penetrate every morning.” He has been a consulting chef in several of the top US Greek restaurants, such as Molyvos, Pylos and the Boston Committee, and has been a leading ambassador of the country’s cuisine. This book is a volume of photography, luxurious contemporary and classic recipes, and stories about Greek food and culture.

Chickens and Charcoal: Yakitori, Yarbird, Hong Kong by chef Matt Abergel from Yardbird, Hong Kong

Canadian chef Matt Abergel is considered one of the leading authorities in grilling chicken, and he places yakitori on the global culinary radar. Restaurants the first cookbook has more than 200 illustrations by Evan Hecox, which includes a strong visual reference of Abergel’s love for skateboarding. But mostly he shares some typical restaurant recipes, including how to cook birds without the need for special equipment outside the grill.

Dishoom: From Bombay with Love by a chef Browse Nasir and restaurant owner Kavi Thakrar and Shamil Thakrar from Dishoom, London

With eight locations throughout the UK, open from breakfast to evening, Dishoom perhaps the coolest Indian restaurant in the world today (or before the pandemic). Their new book is part of the tribute to Bombay, a portion of the travel guide and a summary section of more than 100 recipes. They have included many of the most popular dishes, including masala chai, bacon naan roll, black daal, okra fries, niri biriyani and lamp raan, along with cocktails and coolers.

Tel Aviv: Food. People. Story by chef Haya Molcho from Neni restaurants throughout Europe

Israeli chef Haya Molcho has spent years outside his native country, opening up a dining room like Neni restaurants in several 25 hours hotel, but he never stopped cooking authentic cuisine and sharing it with the world. In this book, he tells his four sons and business partners to bring home the cook through a living smelting pot that is a study of contrast, fragrance, story, and taste. He introduces the reader to local chefs, epicures, urban food collectors and others and revisits recipes of his hometown of childhood, such as knafeh, green shakshuka, sarma, Israeli paella, and pickled lemons.

Turkish Cuisine Book by a chef Musa Dagdeviren from Ciya Sofrasi, Istanbul

Restaurant service without frills Ciya Sofrasi on the less touristy side of Istanbul in Asia is something that must be visited for food-minded travelers (at least this one, every time I go to the city). At the restaurant, “food anthropologist” Musa Dagdeviren reinvented regional Turkish specialties that were almost forgotten so skillfully that he had been the subject of an episode Chef’s Table. This book is the definitive catalog of healthy and healthy Turkish cuisine, with more than 550 recipes (with clear instructions and ingredients available internationally) for everything from salads and dipping sauces to roast meats and super-sweet cakes, plus a story about its origin.

Lisboeta by chef Nuno Mendes from Chiltern Firehouse, London, and Bairro Alto Hotel Restaurant, Lisbon

Nuno Mendes, one of the most admired Portuguese chefs in the world, made his name in London with restaurants like Viajante and Chiltern Firehouse. So it was a big problem when he returned to Lisbon last fall to oversee food and drinks Bairro Alto HoteBefore that, it was a big problem when he was released Lisboeta, a book paying homage to his hometown, with references to his family’s farm in Alentejo. These recipes – inspired by dishes that Mendes likes – take the chef through regular days at City of Light Portugal, from the famous pasteis de nata (custard tart), to seafood at lunch like sizzling squid in a pan. or roasted sardines with roasted green peppers, for a delicious dinner such as lamb and pork soup marinated with black olives and parsley, and even prego (meat sandwich) for a late night snack.

Claudia’s Cocina: A Taste of Mexcio by chef Claudia Sandoval, San Diego

Mexican-American chef Claudia Sandoval was born in San Diego to the Mazatlan family (where her grandparents owned seafood restaurants) and grew up at the feet of strong female chefs. As an adult, he honed the distinctive style that is the modern style of Mexican coastal cuisine, which made him win the MasterChef season and later become a judge at MasterChef Latino. He is also successful culinary consulting and catering company in San Diego, 65 simple recipes of this book combine its discoveries with local favorites from Mazatlan and include hibiscus boiled pears, garlic prawns, minced pork scrub, grilled lime cilantro chicken and tres leches. They were praised by anecdotes about his life and childhood.

Love Cake by chef Joanne Chang of Flour, Boston

James Beard Award-winning pastry chef, Joanne Chang, is famous for that eight famous Flour bakeries around Boston (and especially for its famous sticky bread). His latest book is a step ahead of the usual baking stress that might occur now. Love Cake is his most personal and comprehensive, with 125 dessert recipes for things most enjoyed at home, such as desserts that should be served warm with a smooth whipped cream on top. Some are easy, while others are complicated, and are presented along with key lessons about important techniques for making lemon curd, puff pastry, and more.


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