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Whether it’s the result of record snowstorms, sharp temperature swings, or a solid case of COVID-19 fatigue, many of us are ready for a change of scenery. Even if it’s too early for your family to travel, having a plan in place can boost morale. Here are five ideas to consider: 1. Make a plan. It’s been a long time. And the uncertainty, coupled with backwards working and school schedules, can rattle even the most stable nerves. So imagine yourself on a sandy beach, in a cozy mountain hut or in a vast desert landscape. Think about the family’s future commitments and schedules, and consider your options. Browse the websites of your favorite resorts, mountain towns or desert destinations for offers, protocols and possibilities. Discuss the options with your family. Dream a little. And make a plan. Knowing that good times are on the horizon will help remove the blues. 2. Bucket lists. If it’s too early to board a plane or take that epic road trip, maybe now is the time to create a thoughtful bucket list for the long haul. Doing it now can make it easier to plan for a meaningful future vacation, one that deliberately reflects your updated values, hopes and dreams. So, before you start listing your desired destinations, ask yourself what aspects of the world – geographically, spiritually, and culturally – you want to share with your children, grandchildren, and maybe other friends and family. As your ideas take shape, know that your list will grow over the years. Therefore, think about which destinations you hope to visit while your kids are in the nest and which might be best saved for later. And, when it comes time to involve the kids in creating the to-do list, remember that kids don’t know what they don’t know. Some theme parks and resorts will likely be on their radar screens. But they may not be aware of the glories of Yellowstone or Yosemite or the historical significance of Gettysburg or Montpelier. Inspire them! 3. Adopt a new winter sport. While winter is always with us, maybe it is the year to go beyond the local toboggan hill and expand your winter sports experiences. Strap on the skates, strap on the snowshoes, learn how mushers herd their sled dogs or consider ice climbing. Descend, cross country, backcountry, then warm up in a steaming hot spring. Skate over dinner served in a yurt or climb aboard a horse-drawn sleigh to a cozy cabin where you and your family can enjoy dinner served by the fire. Contact:;; 4. Connect with your family and friends. Is it too early to expand your pod or reconnect with family and friends you’ve only visited via video chat? Consider registering with your clan and making a plan to celebrate an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or to honor a special achievement from a family member. We missed the opportunity to recognize many of the touchstones that are an integral part of a family’s legacy. But is it ever too late to celebrate these defining moments? At the same time, who needs a formal event to enjoy the company and support of your loved ones? 5. Look for the sun. If you’re up for a longer adventure, consider a visit to Curtain Bluff, a laid-back yet luxurious family-friendly resort in Antigua. It’s an all-inclusive experience that offers plenty of water sports including water skiing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, pedal boating, tennis, yoga, and sailing. While the kids burn for energy after another delicious meal, relax in a hammock you’ll find nestled among the palm trees. Spend an afternoon at the spa where outdoor massages are the perfect end to a sporting day. Or consider Southern California’s iconic Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego, nestled on a wide expanse of sand with easy access to water and a host of beachfront activities. surf lessons or watch Navy sailors from the nearby Coronado Island base train along the beach. Contact:; (Resource: It is prudent to consult CDC and US Department of State guidelines when considering travel.) Lynn O’Rourke Hayes ( is an author, expert on family trips and an enthusiastic explorer. Gather more travel information on lohayes Twitter, Facebook or through Distributed by Tribune Content Agency

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