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METHUEN – Students returning from out of state must now follow the same COVID-19 guidelines as teachers and staff after a 4-2 vote by the school committee at its regular meeting during the week last, the committee voted in favor of a policy that requires multiple points of contact between students and school officials to ensure they have been properly tested for the deadly virus before returning to school School nurses are opposed to the policy, school principal Brandi Kwong said at the committee’s last meeting during its “first reading” of the new policy. That vote, held at the meeting in early February, was also 4-2. Vice President Jana Zanni Pesce, Ryan DiZoglio, Committee Chairman, Mayor Neil Perry and Louann Santos voted in favor of this policy. Committee members Susan Nicholson and Karen Hallbauer voted against. Committee members supporting the new policy said they believed it was fair that students were held to the same standards as staff. “We ensure the safety of the staff,” said DiZoglio. “We keep students away from staff and staff away from students.” Opponents said they were influenced because nurses were against. “I’m always against,” Hallbauer said. I think it’s redundant. The governor already has a policy. The superintendent mentioned that it was extra work on nurses and put a lot of work on nurses. “Kwong pointed out that the policy is not really enforceable because it is based on the honor system, it is that is, students should be honest about their travel and return. These dates would determine when a student would be tested. “We have no way of determining travel dates, so this is the time. honor system, “Kwong said. The policy requires a test 72 hours after a student returns to Methuen. He understands it is an honor system policy, he remains concerned about” general easing ” towards the dangers of COVID-19. “I go back to October when things started to move,” he said, noting that infection rates skyrocketed after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, leading to hospitalizations and additional deaths. ”We are not just sim I’m not here yet and I don’t want to see us back down, ”he said. Nicholson noted that nurses “do an amazing job” and don’t need more tasks added to their already heavy workload. Moreover, she added, “it will have no impact on the children who were on vacation anyway.” When to stay home, when to come back School Superintendent Brandi Kwong posted these guidelines on when not to send your child back to school: – Fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, chills or shaking chills – Cough ( not due to another known cause, such as a chronic cough – Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath – New loss of taste or smell – Sore throat – Headache, when combined with other symptoms – Muscle pain or Body aches – Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea – Fatigue, when combined with other symptoms – Nasal congestion or runny nose (not due to other known causes, such as allergies), when combined with other symptoms.

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