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More than a year after the start of the pandemic, travel is increasingly on the minds and plans of people in North Texas and across the country. Last weekend, the Transportation Security Administration saw an 800% increase in the number of people clearing checkpoints at U.S. airports compared to the same weekend last year. Two of those days, Easter Friday and Sunday, each passed 1.5 million people passing through airport checkpoints, according to the TSA, all of which have been record days since the start of the pandemic. . Public health officials from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention always stress that air travel is discouraged unless someone has already completed their vaccination process. Dr Ken Redcross, a doctor of internal medicine practicing in Dallas-Fort Worth, said his patients were increasingly asking him how to travel safely. “So we have a lot of good discussions about it [but] it all starts with the vaccine, ”Redcross said. “I know some people have different views, and I understand, but it’s just important that you have that relationship with your doctor so that you can have that kind of ‘Come to Jesus’ moment and really say’ What- what’s good for me? ‘ This is important. ”Redcross stressed that a road trip is always a better bet than air travel at this point in the pandemic in terms of personal safety and liability. He also added that people who plan to stealing should consider double masking, keeping a thermometer with them, as well as a regimen of routine supplements, including vitamin D, to help boost their immune systems. Kyle Arnold of The Dallas Morning News joins NBC 5 to provide his opinion on how the US airline industry is preparing for a busy travel season after a year of pandemic.

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