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The PGA Tour officially released its plan to restart golf in a month at the Charles Schwab Challenge on Wednesday, and it was very comprehensive. Testing layers, quarantine jets from one event to another, caddy restrictions and strict social distance measures for everyone on location at a tournament. This does not guarantee anything, of course, but it is a broad plan as one can expect when golf re-enters cultural conversation at a professional level. However, there is one problem. International travel. Because there is a 14-day quarantine for anyone traveling from outside the United States to the United States, every PGA Tour player who lives on, say, Europe must leave about 10 days to have enough time to quarantine before traveling to Texas. This presents a number of logistical challenges and is an undesirable obstacle for some people who do not live in the United States. “It currently exists and is likely to continue,” PGA Tour tournament chief officer Andy Pazder told The Guardian. “So it is very important that our constituents who need to be back in the United States do so at least two weeks before we return to competition. We work with the federal government to facilitate the return of the players and caddies currently living outside the United States and we are optimistic that will happen. We have a relatively small number of PGA Tour players, around 25 or more, who are currently outside the United States. ”

That number may be small, but it is not significant. This includes the number 10 golfer in the world, Tommy Fleetwood from England, who insinuated The Guardian that he will not go anywhere for now, even with the PGA Tour returning and the European Tour will not start anytime soon. “I will not travel to America and stay for four months, that is not a consideration at all,” noted Fleetwood. Whether this 14-day quarantine order is revoked remains to be seen, but it creates confusion for the league as a whole. While the pro tour won’t lose their cards based on what happened this season, they can lose world ranking points and even lose the main championship because of this restriction. It may be unavoidable that there will be collateral damage from restarting the league at this time, but this is certainly an unfavorable outcome for those who are currently outside the United States without a plan to return.

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