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Throughout the week we post original stories night and day discussing the impact of coronavirus by connecting points in the travel industry. Every weekend we will offer you the opportunity to read the most important stories if you miss them earlier. And don’t forget to check in at any time with our liveblog for the latest information about coronavirus and travel. Learning to Walk Again: 20 Signs of Hope to Reopen the Travel Economy: This is the most important sector in the world learning to walk again … Hotels Big Bet on Brand Conversion Out of a Crisis: Is It Smart?: Depends on whether a global brand or Independent operators are the ones who speak, there is a lot of money to be won or left on the table in hotel brand conversions. Run figures on renovation costs and cost structures before plunging into one of these agreements. Remember Hope Not Strategy: Who Needs United Airlines Today: Scott Kirby took over as United CEO on May 20. Kirby positions himself as a rare leader in an American company who tells the truth to employees and shareholders. Some people don’t like it because of that. But the comments are refreshing. Get the Latest about Coronavirus and the Travel Industry on Skift’s LiveblogVietnam Race Towards Other Southeast Asian Countries in Reopening Tourism: Surprisingly, Vietnam is a success story in Southeast Asia in the battle with coronavirus. Domestic travel now begins recovery, while so-called travel bubbles allow travel with China and South Korea to air. Why the New 14-Day Quarantine Rule in the UK Especially Disrupts Business Travel Managers: Quarantine measures do not stabilize the nerves of anxious corporate travel managers, who can now only hope for more bilateral agreements to help staff fly back. Destruction of Lufthansa Signals and Saber New Risk Deal for Travel Corp: The exact reason for wanting to end the content deal is unclear, but Lufthansa’s direct sales drive might have something to do with it. Arriott CEO Arne Sorensen Says Most of the World Has Seen Below: Marriott sees early signs of requests for a return trip to property in China and North America. But his plan to carry out an aggressive marketing campaign to take as much as possible from the initial recovery market share might admit it would be tough competition on the rebound. Don’t Count Septuagenarian Air Allegiant Air CEO in This Crisis: Is it wise to travel for free time? Probably not. But does that stop people from traveling? No it’s not that. So Allegiant Air and its CEO Maury Gallagher estimate that might also be beneficial. Other Big Deal Drowned by Coronavirus: Amex GBT Investment Deal Down: The relationship is getting sharper between American Express GBT and deep-pocketed investors who are backing out of big trouble. Apart from the outcome of the lawsuit being debated in the Delaware court, Amex GBT must have plenty of money available to go shopping for strategic investments in business trips later this year. CEOirbnb Tells Hosts Success Against Hotel Competitors Depends on Adopting a Cleaning Protocol: It is a good idea that Brian Chesky is now doing weekly videos with the host. It would be more effective – but indeed riskier – if he answered direct questions. This will be a long process to rebuild the trust of the host because so many feel burned by the company’s coronavirus return policy. Coronavirus Upheaval Asks Independent Hotels to Look at Company Management Startups: Startup Life House has a full white labeled new management service that does not require renaming or expensive renovations. We hope only a few hotels will register this year for that. But this new offer underlines the bigger picture, a clear choice facing the owners of tens of thousands of independent hotels now. Choice Hotels Expect Brand Conversion and Stay Overnight to Drive Post-Pandemic Growth: It’s never too early to start planning growth, but even the bullish leadership team needs to focus on the uncertain short-term before playing attacking with conversion targets. See full article Photo Credit: Revenue per room fell 90 percent globally in April for Marriott, but the world’s largest hotel company saw positive signs in China and North America. Marriott International

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