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One of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic is hotels. With current home stay reservations that prohibit non-essential travel in many countries, hotels are quite empty. Some of these are the homes of quarantined COVID-19 patients, first responders / medical workers and occasional business travelers, while others have to close their doors temporarily or permanently. Over the past few weeks – in a busy time with spring break trips – Hotels are quiet and not crowded. Some hotels come up with ways to bring in income now by offering discounts for future stays. If you are a traveler, that means a good stay in the future. Here are some of the ways hotels attract customers to buy lodging in the future. Hotel St. The luxurious Jane on Michigan Avenue in Chicago is one of the few hotels that has offered bond type certificates for the next stay. The way the “Buy Now, Stay Later” program works is that you can buy in multiples of $ 100 and 60 days after purchase, the value of the certificate increases to $ 150. Credit can be used to buy or discount rooms and some certificates can be used. For more information, visit’s LondonHouse is conducting a similar certificate program and the value can be used for room, food or other hotel facilities. .

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