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You have just obtained a bachelor’s degree, and you have been thinking about studying abroad on a very tight budget. You are not alone, you are not the first, and you will not be the last person to maintain that thought. First, you must be prepared to “spread the net” – Google and describe different schools from Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, etc. Choose around four from each continent whose requirements match your academic and financial abilities. I must add to the fact that some countries in Europe are free of tuition fees for their citizens and international students, such as Germany and Norway. These countries only require that prospective students provide proof of funds that can cover living expenses and small expenses. Many non-English speaking countries have many educational institutions that teach postgraduate students in English. For some people, you might have to consider learning the basics of language from an accredited and certified language school. Some essay writing services also help students with the language skills below those needed to write online acceptance essays. After making a school outline, make a list of the requirements that you have met and which you have not yet met. You may not have written GRE or TOEFL or IELTS, etc. Google stands for this, find out the testing center and their prices. For the most part, you have to write only one, two, or sometimes not at all. Pay attention to application deadlines. After writing all the required tests and essays, preparing your transcript, and fulfilling the requirements of various schools, then you begin to register. Be sure to set aside some funds (an average of $ 50 – $ 100 each) for registration fees, which are needed by most schools. After a few weeks, the decision will start rolling, and if you are lucky, you will be offered scholarships and tuition discounts by several schools. As soon as you accept various admission decisions, start contacting professors in the department where you will study your chosen study program. From the school website, you will have access to most of the academic information needed from professors. Learn this information and reach out to them to work with them as teaching assistants or research assistants. Being accepted as a teaching or research assistant will further ease the financial burden of studying abroad. Often, that includes everything. You can also contact the department administration department to work as an office assistant, who is also equipped with financial benefits. Next, you need to get a visa. At this point, you must make a choice for the place you want to study abroad. You must also send your transcript and financial documents to the school for review, and they must have confirmed their acceptance of the documents. Apply for a student visa and attach all required documents from the school for verification. Different countries have different methods for applying for student visas, but they are well organized and easy to follow. Before your interview at the embassy, ​​you must be a good orator in explaining what your study program is and how you will use it to add value to your own country when you return. The embassy never wants to hear that you have no plans to return. Winds up the idea that you don’t plan to return after your education will disqualify you, and visa applications will be denied. Your country needs you and the knowledge you will get abroad. You will be valued more in your country when you return after getting a degree and helping to build a better future so young people won’t consider leaving your country for greener pastures. Now you have been granted a student visa to begin preparing for your trip. Buy enough wardrobe for about a year. What you will wear to school, casual clothes at home, what you will wear for social gatherings, and company interviews. Make sure the funds set aside for living abroad are in a bank account whose debit card is accepted in your destination country. You might need an instant transaction to pay for groceries, buy essays online, and the like. You can also make a plan so that the funds are fully transferred to you as soon as you make a bank account abroad. Make a list of all other items that you need to pack in your travel bag or bag according to circumstances. It helps when you imagine yourself living abroad, from when you wake up from sleep until you sleep at night, try to simulate the activities in your head. This simulation will help you remember and record your needs so you won’t forget anything. If you can buy some books, please do so. Try as much as possible to be prepared so that when you arrive at your destination, you will only focus on the curriculum and achieve academic success. You want to “hit the ground.” Some embassies require you to make provisions for a return ticket after you have been granted a student visa, to reaffirm your determination to return after obtaining a degree. Some don’t really care, but be sure to be interviewed again by the state immigration officer when you arrive at the airport. These interviews are usually quick, similar to those at the embassy with a slight touch of questions about what’s in your bag. “Welcome to …” are kind words that will take you to a new educational experience abroad. Congratulations, you have just traveled to your education. Be sure to understand that the informal education that will be obtained from your trip with formal education must not be ignored. If you are not a native speaker of an official language, you can get it from an online essay writing service or better, and you can get an essay writer. Learn new cultures, become an expert in native languages, establish valuable human relationships and long-term friendships, and become law-abiding citizens. Life difficulties that you might face in the form of initial loneliness or weather difficulties or food preferences will quickly pass, reminded

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