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Coronavirus has changed the way people and local businesses work and operate following the coronavirus pandemic. Tourism is a very important component of Michigan’s financial well-being. Tourist attractions in Michigan include Mackinac Island, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Detroit Art Institute, Isle Royale National Park, Soo Locks and more. The Michigan Tourism Industry Coalition and Michigan Travel recognize the National Travel and Tourism Week, which is an annual celebration from May 3 to May 9. National Travel and Tourism Week honors the contribution and achievement of the domestic travel industry. This year, the event recognized the resilience and hope in the horrors of a pandemic with the theme “The Spirit of Travel”. “This week we celebrate the spirit of travel and its impact on our country. “We are looking for support from elected officials and Michigan residents in showing appreciation to hospitality workers in this vital industry,” Tourism Industry Coalition president Darren Ing said in a press release from Pure Michigan on May 4. ” Travel and tourism are important components to enjoy all the beauty that Michigan has to offer while supporting individuals and businesses that contribute to that success. Even though we missed the trip at the moment, we look forward to when we can travel again. This week we celebrate all that unites us in the spirit of traveling in Michigan. “As a way for Michiganders to share and enjoy the beauty of Michigan, while also following Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order, the Michigan Tourism Industry Coalition published a video showing the diversity of places and people across the state. Michigan residents show their support for the travel industry on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter by uploading their experiences using # spiritoftravel. Not only do people in Michigan use this hashtag to share their experiences and admiration for nature, but other states too, like California. “Even in the face of a very challenging time for our country, National Travel and Tourism Week is an opportunity to remind our visitors and residents of the extraordinary passion and resilience of our travel and workforce industry,” said Dave Lorenz, Michigan’s vice president of Travel in the release. “When the time is right, Pure Michigan will be ready to welcome travelers with open arms. And in the meantime, we are two peninsulas, and one Pure Michigan, united against adversity. “According to an April report from the National Bureau of Economic Research, mass layoffs and closures have taken place and 43 percent of the 5,800 businesses surveyed in the report have been temporarily closed, businesses have reduced the number of employees by 40 percent compared to January, and it turns out that many small businesses are financially fragile during this time. As a result, many businesses throughout the state, both large and small, have made the transition to conducting online operations to keep themselves afloat. Businesses that depend heavily on seasonal tourism must adapt. Going from welcoming customers far and away outside the state to communicating with their online customers is no easy task for many from giving orders online, taking and taking takeout. Although the Sault region relies heavily on tourism in the summer and the Canadian dollar for our financial and economic well-being, Lorenz still says it is unclear at this time whether we will lose a percentage of revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic. Because the tourism and travel industries are very flexible, Lorenz said they are accustomed to facing life changing situations like this. “The thing about this industry is that we are a very innovative crew,” Lorenz said. “The travel industry is like the agricultural industry. Farmers are used to dealing with every type of weather you can imagine, every type of challenge. The travel and tourism industry has taken the same attitude and over the years, we have learned how to adapt to whatever needs. It survives and you cannot develop unless you survive. This industry has learned over the years how to adapt to new needs. 9/11 and the financial crisis and the like are causing businesses in our industry to learn how to adapt and carry it through survival mode to get to developing mode later. They do the same thing now. They do everything they need to do to continue to get people back to work. And when it starts, before you know it, we will be able to find new and better ways to accommodate the needs of travelers. They need to make protocols to ensure that while visitors are having fun, they do it in a safe way. Lorenz added the restaurant would offer a less crowded experience, such as tables separated by plants or additional space compared to what was there. usually normal. Social distance will also be expected between groups and groups of people. Chippewa County Airport also changed its usual routine to limit the spread of the virus after the outbreak when a Canadian positive Coroanvirus passenger passed the airport on March 15. “Thank you for staying there with us during these difficult times,” airport management said on May 20. I want to tell you a few things at the airport. All flights to / from Chippewa continue to operate. In June, there will be some changes to flight times but we will still operate daily commute trips to Detroit and Minneapolis. Other changes that have taken place over the past few months are related specifically to the potential for life-changing viruses that affect our lives. As with all public entities, additional building and aircraft sanitation is ongoing. The fog (with cleaning) aircraft between each flight and airport terminal is cleaned and sanitized between each daily flight. Hand sanitizers are available at all airport terminals, and a passenger mask is required (during flight) and available for all passengers. The social distance requirements are followed on airplanes because airplanes are not sold according to capacity and staggered passenger seats. The airport and the aviation industry continue to increase efforts to follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and provide innovative ideas regarding hygienic safe air travel in an effort to continue to promote the overall safety of air travel expected by passengers. “Lorenz said,” It will be weird for a while, but we will get used to it and the travel industry will accommodate our needs to keep everyone safe. It will start to look more normal and eventually, hopefully, we will find a vaccine and we will get to the next stage. But for now, let’s do our part not to make others sick and our families sick. ”

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