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MANATEE COUNTY, Florida – What will be a busy memorial weekend for the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport-remains empty.

What you need to know

COVID-19 causes airport traffic to decrease
With business back, new guidelines already exist
Guidelines for maintaining worker and passenger safety

“That was rather surprising, nothing happened again,” said Shay Kumm, SRQ Airport Operations Officer.
Since COVID-19, SRQ has been one of the hardest hit, with a 95 percent decrease in traffic.
But with business slowly returning, new guidelines are available for all Bay area airports.
Tampa International Airport:

Boarding pass: Travelers will place their boarding pass to the reader for TSA officers then submit it for visual inspection, reducing the need for officers to touch it and prevent cross-contamination.
Face mask: TSA officers at the screening checkpoint are now wearing facial masks and all travelers are encouraged to do the same. You may be asked to adjust your mask during the screening process.
Plan ahead to reduce contact points: Tourists are encouraged to remove items such as belts, and items from their pockets, such as wallets, keys, and phones, and put them directly in their carry-on bags instead of in the trash to reduce touch points during playback. process.
Rules regarding prohibited items and large electronics still apply: Rule 3-1-1 for liquids, aerosols and gels still applies, with the exception of hand sanitizers. Travelers can take containers up to 12 ounces in their carry-on bag, but they must be removed from the bag and placed separately in a barrel before being inspected for additional inspection. Electronics that are larger than cell phones must be placed separately into a trash can. Failure to prepare for screening can result in being asked to step out of line and resubmit your items for screening.
Traveling with food: Hand luggage, which often needs further inspection, must be placed in a clear plastic bag and the bag placed separately in the trash. Removing bags from luggage will reduce the need for officers to open and touch your belongings.
Practicing social distances: Travelers should observe the floor marks to maintain a safe distance in the queue area that leads to security and during the screening process.

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport:

The same guide as Tampa International Airport.
Parking: Valet and shaded parking is closed.

St.Pete / Clearwater International Airport:

Social Distances and Face Covers: Please follow the social distance steps imposed at the airport with a 6 foot distance mark and seat restrictions. Please wear a face mask when in the terminal.

Parking: Economy Parking space is closed; Long-term open parking.


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