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Ebony Thyme is a travel nurse, and also a travel influencer who inspires solo travel. The less well-known travel nurse’s job means that she is basically a free agent, filling hospitals throughout the country. He currently works at a hospital in Brooklyn, and starts a new contract immediately conducting anti-body testing. Visit the Insider homepage for more stories.

For many people, being a travel influencer is a full-time job, and not an easy job, but somehow Ebony Thyme, 27, does it in his spare time, when he doesn’t work as a nurse practitioner. Currently, he is fighting against the front lines of a pandemic coronavirus in a hospital in Brooklyn and living in a hotel so as not to endanger his family. Ebony Thyme has been a nurse since 2013, and a travel nurse since 2018

Ebony Thyme currently works in a hospital in New York City.

Thyme Ebony

Although his work is little known, travel nurses are actually not too rare. Created in response to a shortage of nurses worldwide, travel nurses are basically free agents who enter when hospitals need experienced nurses to fill someone with maternity leave, because their population fluctuates according to season, or because they need certain expertise, among other reasons ” “I work pretty much wherever it’s needed,” Thyme told Insider.

Flights and housing are usually paid for, and contracts usually last between eight to 26 weeks. “I like it,” Thyme said of the job, saying that the biggest advantage for him was that the break was negotiated before signing into a new role. This is a big part of what allows her to travel frequently, even though her trip usually takes place between jobs. He said he usually works three to six months on a contract, takes a month or two to travel, and repeats everything. He added that in working for employment agencies instead of hospitals, he could choose and choose assignments, and when, and for how long, to rest between them. “I just like the flexibility I have between the two. Lifestyle, traveling for leisure and traveling for my work,” he said, adding that as a travel nurse he doesn’t need to worry about seniority or who asks for a day off first, something that should be faced by most ordinary nurses.

Thyme Instagram account is filled with photos of her trips, like those taken in Egypt.

Thyme Ebony

He explained that the work of a nurse practitioner is more similar to the work of a medical doctor, because both of them can prescribe drugs. Nurse practitioners, compared to registered nurses, also need a master’s degree.

Being able to do both jobs gives him more opportunities, according to Thyme. And he said that working in different clinics, practices and hospitals in different states meant he learned a lot of new skills and methodologies. For some people, the idea of ​​living in a strange new place every few months and staying in hotels may sound lonely, but Thyme thrives there

While visiting Colombia, Thyme poses on Calle Angosto, a street famous for its colorful umbrellas, in Cartegena.

Thyme Ebony

“Because I have more friendly personalities, it doesn’t bother me to start from scratch, make friends, and find out about the new environment,” he said. “That is the reason why I travel.” In fact, he says being a travel nurse and travel influencer has a lot in common: He always learns new things, immerses himself in different cultures, and meets people. They usually travel alone, and offer training on how to travel solo as a woman, as well as how to plan post-pandemic trips.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Thyme has worked in his hometown, New York City, to be close to his family.

Thyme found a colorful photo op in the Bahamas.

Thyme Ebony

Thyme said he has a new contract that will start soon, where he will conduct COVID-19 antibody tests. He claimed to be “a little afraid” working at the forefront, mainly because little was still known about the novel coronavirus. . He also said that breastfeeding during a pandemic was very different, because nurses had to adjust certain practices to keep themselves safe and prevent exposure. For example, if someone does a cardiac arrest, instead of rushing to their side to do CPR right away, he says the nurse needs to adjust first. “Treatment is not practiced like that at all,” he said. “This is new to us, in general. I do not want to say it is not as fast as saving lives, because that is what we are still doing, but it looks like we have to take extra precautions to protect ourselves first,” he added. that protecting loved ones at home is a cause of additional stress for many health professionals. “I live in a hotel in Brooklyn now because I have a loved one at home who I don’t want to get sick of,” he said. “I don’t want to bring exposure to them, so I’d rather stay away for now.”

He enjoyed time at the beach in Mexico.

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“Many people see me as a travel influencer, and also as a health advisor,” he said. “I think I resonate with many of my audience.” According to Thyme, she never posted about being a travel nurse: as a travel influencer, she gained thousands of followers just by posting beautiful photos of herself in exotic local colors, from Egypt to Colombia. But he said people kept asking if he had ever worked, so he started posting about being a nurse practitioner, and that “it came together perfectly.” While he was worried that the dynamics of his page might be discarded by including his professional life, he said that “it really isn’t, because it’s really still a traveling lifestyle. It really still promotes living your best life.” He said his main mission, however, was to empower women to feel comfortable traveling alone, as he usually did.

Thyme, pictured here in Jordan, said he was not traveling at this time.

Thyme Ebony

He encouraged a lot of further research, using social media to find places to stay, and phoned hotels and rentals to make sure they were in a safe area. He also likes to follow the blog of female travelers who have visited the places he plans to visit, often sending them emails for their recommendations.

Although more and more places are reducing their lockdowns and reopening for tourism, Thyme says he remains for now

Thyme often wears clothes that fit his location, such as ensembles that fit the Puerto Rico flag.

Thyme Ebony

“As a travel influencer and health care provider, I don’t encourage traveling now,” he said. “We don’t have treatment or vaccines yet – it’s not completely under control. I still have COVID cases at the hospital. I still have quite a lot of deaths at the hospital. I still see patients coming walking and then the next day they are at the vent, at essentially trying to live. Even though many people from the outside world don’t see it, I see it. “While Thyme also has travel itching and can understand people who are looking for a change of scenery, he hopes they will wait a little longer to see how things are going. Initially, he said he would still go on a domestic trip, maybe go on a trip, but stay positive, and want everyone besides that to stay positive, too. Non-essential travel in the US and internationally is not currently recommended by the Centers for Disease Control; for more information, you can check the health and travel advice of each state here as well as CDC travel recommendations for international destinations.

“I kind of feel the world is going fast, and honestly this is really slowing me down,” he said, saying that this “pause” had enabled him to save money and really think about what he wanted from life. “I hope people take advantage of this time to really try to find out the things they want to do, that they already have doubts, or that they haven’t got it because of the fast-paced world like we are at,” he said.

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