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CLOSEDianne Newcomer (Photo: courtesy) If the journey of a thousand miles really starts with one step, then, I’m sure the trip requires a babystep last week. For the first time in several months, there was a slight shaft, and that made me think of how we are like gray whales. Every February, this amazing mammal leaves the very warm waters of Cabo, Mexico, and travels 7000 miles to Alaska. Their mission is to party in the fertile waters of rich Alaska in late May. Like a whale, it seems we also have something attached to ourselves that makes Memorial Day our green light to get out of town and play! Now, don’t get me wrong, this change in mindset is clearly not as extraordinary as we have seen in the past when the telephone at Monroe Travel Service rang on the wall and we struggled to find seats on crowded flights, but for the wallow industry in doom and gloom. , even a glimmer of hope is welcomed! So, besides saying thank you for your kindness and encouraging emails over the past few weeks, may I answer some of your travel questions as honestly as possible. in fact today. Q: Where should we go this summer? A: First of all, it is very important to remember the flight schedule is no longer as you remember! Drastic cuts have affected cities everywhere. For example, from Monroe, for most of the day, we now only have one flight each day to Atlanta, DFW and Houston rather than 3 as we enjoyed before, and, please understand, Monroe is not the only city affected. Routes throughout the system airline have been reduced. This means fewer discount seats are available as well as fewer hub connections. Nothing is like it used to be, and here is one of the many reasons why this is so: at the close of business on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, United Airline’s total liquidity was around $ 9.6 billion, including $ 2 billion in unused credit facilities rolling on. However, during the 2nd quarter of 2020, they expect to burn their daily money an average of between $ 40 million and $ 45 million – and, yes, that is every day. Do high mathematical calculations and you know why there are so many subtractions! The point is this is our new air travel system. It’s important to plan ahead and maybe get ready to depart from other cities because the beautiful days have passed – at least for a while! Because we have to be careful in everything we do, I suspect the American National Park will become a very popular summer playground this summer, especially for families who prefer a driving holiday. Large parks such as Zion, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon opened for a very limited time last week, and, if all goes well, our national park system throughout the US will continue to open more paths and points of view after the Memorial Day weekend this. However, always check before assuming anything at this time. Domestic travel will be great. Because Italy or France are not yet an option, maybe travelers should choose wineries and culinary tours in Napa, Sonoma, Snake River, Idaho, Walla Walla or Wiliamette, WA or Texas Hill Country. Instead of African safaris, why not go to dude’s ranch in Wyoming or check out Big Sky? When the Great Barrier Reef comes out, there is always the Florida Keys. “Spinning” is the new normal, mate, and it’s all about safety and enjoying the outdoors! We saw requests for fly / drive packages to Jackson Hole, Seattle, San Franciso-Carmel, and the Salt Lake / Zion National Park area. Q: When do you think the trip will return to normal A: My guess is whether it might have happened when we stopped listening to the 24-hour news cycle, social media, and getting vaccines. I certainly have clients who say that they won’t be traveling for a very long time, but, from experience, I know that, while people might say one thing, they really change their minds quite quickly after they get past fear. As the news becomes more positive, I think the mindset for future trips will improve – especially for the drive-leisure market. Sadly, I’m worried that international travel will disappear for this summer and maybe for the rest of 2020. For those of us in the travel business, the good news is that 2021 looks very strong! I also believe that once a corporate traveler rises into the air again, everything will change for the better because travelers will follow in their footsteps. However, this might not happen until early autumn and it is truly embarrassing because airlines, cruise ships and tour companies have placed some great deals on the market to make the ball roll. Remember that this incentive applies to future trips so you might want to call us. Historically, every time we come out of a crisis or recession, everyone expects great deals and attractive offers, but what might be different now is the fact that we might not have many airlines, ships, wholesalers, and hotels standing after this crisis. Competition and bidding drive price fixing, so, now, when the struggle for every dollar is so real, is when transactions occur. This might not be the case when pent-up requests for travel rage. Q: How do we know it is safe to travel again? A: No need to worry, social media, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Will tell you. At Monroe Travel Service and agencies around the world, we all have brave travelers, who make up about 20% of our client base. These are travelers who will take off in the midst of a crisis or as soon as airlines and other travel suppliers loosen their policies regarding cancellation and re-ordering of the corona virus. (FYI: They are the ones who are bidding and re-ordering primo space for next year now!) I have one brave traveler who is lamenting the fact that he has had 3 trips canceled because of COVID-19, however, there is no doubt in mind I, that he and his wife are already thinking of ways to reuse that future travel credit. Tourists like this are big influencers in terms of determining the scale with respect to what should be done by the behavior of others, but, to be honest, the most influential clients for most of us in the travel business are young adults between 25-45 years. age. They will be like my children: the age group, usually with young children, who feel very stressed. COVID-19 has disrupted the busy components of their family routine, and, because most of them have not been touched by the virus, they still feel indestructible. You might see them in your neighborhood; they may practice social distance, but they still gather in groups. Luckily for us travel agents, they suffer from cabin fever. There are no schools for children, excessive cleaning, extra food, daily online classes, closed restaurants, and all the new regulations are being handled at this time. Wine just doesn’t do the trick anymore. I think the dam will break, and, if I’m right (and I pray I’m right), these young people will lead the cost of our COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to their belief in themselves, their innate fear of loss and a strong competitive push, not to mention the excitement of the journey we have planted in them for years, they are ready to leave home and enjoy their world again. travelers are the best, because they love to show everyone where and how nice they are. God Bless social media! This extraordinary young adult might just be the lubricant we need to provide the prosperity wheel oil for our travel industry. Naturally, when “we are of a certain age,” who have seen enough people in the world to be a little cautious, seeing our children having fun, we certainly respond by ordering Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday holidays spring for everyone – and, in short, that’s how I see the cycle of traveling back to normal in my dreams. If my theory of returning to normal seems to make sense to you, then, again, I repeat: plan and order now. Not only is the price and availability good, but the cancellation penalty is also very light, so contact us now and use some of the stimulus money for fun. Q: Will roaming survive the corona virus? A: Even though most megaliners have stopped operating for the summer and it doesn’t seem to count, I have to remind you that the shipping industry has some of the most loyal customer bases from every travel segment we sell at Monroe Travel Service. Their passengers sail year after year, and, surprisingly, even in the midst of this crisis, some cruise lines see bookings at record levels for the fall and even into 2022. This tells you how much their fans believe in the product! Undoubtedly, there will be some changes, and I hate being the bearer of bad news, but, only this week, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line announced that they will no longer offer buffet service! I’m sure other majors will follow them. This will be one of many changes designed to win back customers and to ensure safe and successful browsing. I truly believe we must be at the bottom of this pandemic. Why, in just one week, we saw Warren Buffett dump his airline stock, the president of United Airline resigned, the Carnival Cruise Line pawned their ship to raise money, and several other sea and river shipping lines announced the suspension of operations during the summer. Where can we go but go up? The effects of this virus have worldwide – and everything happens in a blink of an eye. At this point, the best we can do is stay lean and mean, count our blessings, hope for the best, and start making plans. COVID-19 taught us how things can change in a dime, so we must stop delaying our dreams. Travel is not a luxury. This is something we want – and must – do, so contact me when we are on the other side! Dianne Newcomer is a travel agent at Monroe Travel Service, 1908 Glenmar Ave, not far from Tower and N. 19. For all your travel needs, please send an email to [email protected] or call 318 323 3465. We want to send you! Read or Share this story: / 30 / answer-all-your-travel-questions-2020/5282260002 /

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