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Tourism entry: The travel industry does not expect recovery before autumn-winter

New Delhi, May 31 (IANSlife) With global travel delayed and most wishlists affected by the severe effects of Coronavirus, tourism is one of the industries most affected. Because international air travel remains suspended, inbound tourism (foreigners traveling to India) will be stuck in the coming months.

According to the global luxury business panel, guided by S.P. Jain Global, the hospitality and aviation sector is arguably among the segments most affected by COVID-19, with the Indian hospitality industry suffering losses of up to $ 4.5 billion.
However, the industry anticipates making a comeback by Q4, with certain sub-segments ruling over others. Meanwhile, what happened to the travel trade? Well, all eyes seem to be turning to the domestic business and leisure markets to cover losses.
While inbound and outbound tourism are expected to be slow, due to restrictions imposed by countries on international tourists, domestic corporate travel can also be affected depending on the business conditions in the country. However, domestic leisure travel is said to be recovering quickly, and will be a major factor in helping the industry recover after the pandemic.
“Initially, people trapped in various parts of the world will travel back to India. Overall, incoming tourism may witness slow growth. Although India has always been a favorite and affordable place for international tourists and local residents, we can expect normality in 2021, “Debashish Maitra, director of IJ Dream Vacation, told IANSlife.
“Simply put, the first roadblock for an international tour would be to take flights, which many people want to avoid unless necessary,” said Krupa Gupta Saraogi from
According to Ramesh Ramanathan, Chair and Managing Director of Sterling Holiday Resorts, with international travel expected to slow down at least for this year, it will only increase demand for supporting domestic travel, at least for the foreseeable future. “We will most likely witness revenge spending after the lockdown is revoked, however, there will be a new set of considerations that will come to play while choosing goals – such as safety, cleanliness, social distance and closeness. Also, India has a large number of beautiful locations such as stations “hills, beaches, forests, cultural sites and other iconic tourist attractions, and Indian travelers are most likely planning a pocket-friendly, stress-free domestic holiday with those close by,” he shared via email.
Ramanathan added that many ordered from July onwards, as a way to relieve COVID-19 stress, but recovery would likely take another three to six months.
Travel curator Ricky Nakhat did not anticipate recovery before winter. That post, he said that more foreigners might tour India because the spread elsewhere was quite high.
How can we promote India as a safe travel space?
According to stakeholders, driving alone to the destination will see a significant surge due to safety issues. Hotels, resorts, taxi operators, airports and local city views must ensure sanitation and convince visitors, if they want to attract tourists. Hospitality staff medical tests must be carried out regularly, regardless of following basic social distance norms, wearing masks and washing hands. Travel insurance will also be promoted aggressively.
Visitors, especially parents and those who have comorbidities, can be encouraged to see stays that are declared free of Coronavirus or where a lower number of infections is reported. Also people tend to prefer traveling in small groups. Promoting touchless technology can also help.
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