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Holidays are a hot topic at the moment, with weary Britons and daydreaming about a day when it’s safe to explore the beauty that the world has to offer. While 86 percent of Britons take some form of vacation every year according to ABTA, this can often lead to months of hard work and savings. The idea of ​​being paid to travel might sound like a fantasy to many people, but for a world traveler, that is the reality. Tom Bourlet, 32, is the driving force behind the SpaghettiTraveller blog, and he says there are still times when he has to “Pinch himself” when he realizes his career. He spoke exclusively to and shared insights on what it was like to travel to make a living. Tom explained that his career was something he accidentally fell into. “I worked in marketing for a travel company when I decided to take a three-month trip across the United States with a group of friends,” he said. The stories I brought home and the experiences I had, from being stung by stingrays to partying in New Orleans, losing my passport in Miami and being surrounded by coyotes, were easily some of the most exciting and strange moments of my life. “After I returned home, I wanted to write a story so that I would not forget, while I also wanted to learn HTML and CSS, so I decided to create a blog.” I will stay at the office every day until 8:00 pm and work at blog, however, I didn’t expect it would take and become a big part of my life. “READ MORE: Vacation 2020: Skyscanner reveals this surprising new booking trend As you might imagine, the opportunities that are unfolding are enough to keep Tom moving forward, even though hours behind a computer. From the luxury that remains to meet wildlife, the new careers it has brought are some unique experiences. once lived in Ammatara Pura Pool Villas, easily the most luxurious stay of my life. I pinch myself every five minutes, “he said, recounting his trip to Koh Samui in 2017. This amazing gift made Tom enjoy staying in one of the 18 exclusive villas that inspire traditional Thai castles. From private pools to fresh fruit baskets brought every day, Tom’s job is to relax and enjoy five-star service, before sharing it with the world. However, he is also not afraid to be active, and has been known to rise to some epic peaks to divulge tourists who are passionate about the experience. “The best moment I have is trekking to the top of Machu Picchu, the view will remain in my mind forever,” he added. It’s not just jets that govern life that travel bloggers offer. As Tom points out, it opens more doors closer to the house, too. “One of the best parts is local events,” he said. “It’s nice to be invited together for a restaurant launch or private event, plus free alcohol is also a winner.” Another part I like is being able to see the other side of the event. “Instead of attending an ding an amusement park, they might invite you for a while. when it’s usually closed, guides you through the history of the park, facts that many people don’t know and let you ride (who don’t like queues) to jump). This is the ‘behind the scenes’ moment that always makes me curious. “DO NOT MISS: Pilot reveal why you have to wear shoes [INSIDER]Turkey Vacation: Does the FCO update mean the July trip can continue? [INSIGHT]Matt Hancock issued a major update for the July holidays [COMMENT]Surprisingly, despite everything that was free and adventurous, the relationship he had built that really made the hard work worth it. “The most important thing is the feeling of the community among travel bloggers, I have met hundreds of them and we talk regularly and meet with each other at various events and conferences around the world,” he said. Despite his excitement, however, Tom’s career is not always the free and frivolous vacation you might expect. “Who can say no on a free vacation, but despite its sparkling and interesting sound, there is a lot of work on this trip and I spend most of my time fixated on laptops or take photos, “he explained.” We recently flew to Kenya on a two-week safari trip and cost almost zero, however, I found myself doing seven hours of work every day after a full-day safari, so it never felt like a vacation, I often return more tired than when I leave. “Even with so much experience behind him, Tom says he still has a lot to learn. From photography to phy and video editing to software and marketing skills, there is more work than just mere get on a plane. “I’m lucky that I already have my marketing knowledge “which often helps put Spaghetti Traveler in a strong position, however, the educational aspect is a constant battle and means many tough weekends are revising and training,” he said. Indeed, to become a travel blogger does not seem to be lethargic. Tom says success depends on “patience, commitment and the ability to write even when you don’t want to.” The sacrifices you have to make, like working all weekend and at night when you get home from work, will drain energy and most bloggers stop in three first month, “he continued” If you are interested in becoming a blogger, my main recommendation is to write 12 articles before you try to build a blog. ” This way, after the blog is live, you can schedule it to go out once per week and then focus your time on building your social channels, improve the appearance and functionality of your blog and become a feature wherever possible. “Of course, there are also unexpected times, like the current pandemic, which can make work more difficult.” My client’s work is down 70 percent, while my advertiser via Spaghetti Traveler has dropped 85 percent, so this is a scary time, “he explained. Taking a positive attitude where he can, even so, he has used this time to store content and focus on other projects – including three additional blogs that are impressive and host marketing conferences. Productivity, encouragement, and many sacrifices are the key, but for Tom, they are worth it. “Everything is a bit maniacic and no day seems the same,” he said. I thought it was the strange times I experienced that made my work like no other. “These are the times I will look back and laugh at.”

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