The launch of the Binance Card was announced for Europe and the UK | Instant News

  • Binance has announced the launch of crypto cards for Europe and the UK.
  • Binance Card users will be able to convert and spend Bitcoin, BNB, among others, in more than 60 million stores in 200 regions.

The crypto exchange has officially launched the Binance Card for Europe and the United Kingdom. Card users can make purchases with Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coins (BNB), Swipe (SXP) and Stablecoin Binance USD from more than 60 million traders in 200 regions and regions worldwide.

That exchange was announced the launch of the card program at the end of March this year. According to information from Binance, this card is intended to facilitate and expand users’ payment options. It will not only provide them with services they can use with their traditional debit cards, but will be linked to user accounts on the exchange. In other words, users will be able to use their balance to refill cards through an application called the Binance Card application. Purchases will be deducted directly from the user’s account balance.

According to the announcement, the Binance Card will be empowered by the Swipe start-up. That exchange complete acquired a majority of shares Sliding in early July. The company uses cards issued by VISA’s main member, Contis Financial Services.

Binance makes shopping with Bitcoin easy

Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, celebrated the launch of the Binance Card and strengthened Binance’s mission to “make cryptocurrency more accessible” in the mainstream. Zhao comments about this release as follows:

Giving users the ability to convert and spend their crypto directly with traders around the world, will make the crypto experience more smooth and applicable.

According to the statement, Eurozone users can click the link below and submit a card. In addition, the announcement clarified that users in the United Kingdom would be able to register immediately afterwards. Binance CEO hopes that new features can be implemented in the medium term and expand card usage to other regions of the world. Binance’s European growth director, Josh Goodbody, stated as follows:

We see this product as an important component in our service ecosystem. Binance is on its way to creating a digital financial ecosystem open to everyone, with banks or not.

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