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Neowise’s comet, which was discovered in late March by a home telescope, will be clearly visible in Britain with the naked eye in July.

The comet was unusual because it survived a collision with sunlight, passing about the same length as Mercury.

For the duration of the closest tactics to Earth Neowise will be about 64 million miles away – or about 400 times farther from the moon.

‘Seen by the eyes without help’

A NASA spokesman said: “A comet suddenly grew to become clear to the eye without help.

“Comet C / 2020 F3 (NEOWISE) was discovered in late March and bright when it arrived at its closest method to sunlight, in Mercury’s orbit, the end of the last 7 days.

“Interplanetary icebergs have survived solar warming, so significant, and are now starting to get closer to Earth when he begins his long journey back to the outer voltaic Photo Technique.

“When Comet NEOWISE changed one of a number of 21st century eye comets, word spread quickly, and the comet was photographed behind many famous sites and cities around the world.”

How can I see Comet Neowise?

The best way to see comets is to glance at a constellation known as The Plow or The Massive Dipper.

You have to get up early to see it in an ideal place. In the middle of late July, Neowise was most visible about 80 minutes before dawn, so it was close to 3.45 in the morning. However, if it is very clear you should really be able to see it at night.

On clear nights, if you are in an area with little light pollution, you should be able to see the comet if you look east toward the Plow, about 10 levels previously mentioned horizon.

The comet passes closest to Earth on July 23, when it will be below and precisely according to the Plow.

On July 25 it will be right below it, right before continuing to transfer to the west and slightly upwards.

You don’t want binoculars to see comets, though they will enrich check-outs.

Area.com advises: “Your clenched fist has been held for about 10 degrees. So, at 3 this morning [from 23-25 July], the head of the Neowise Comet will appear about ‘one fist’ on the northeastern horizon. “

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