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Britain has a little more difficulty controlling the spread of the coronavirus pandemic than other European countries. Although its spread is not as severe as the United States, the government is quite worried that they have created a mandate that face masks must be worn in public places such as cinemas, museums, art galleries, places of worship and more. starting from August 8th. But at the same time, the reopening of cinemas in the UK was slightly delayed.

The mandate came when the state slowly reopened these companies. Even though Cineworld is starting to reopen cinema today, they intend to do it without the need for a mask. Now they can only get away with it for one week since the mandate of the mask will be upheld by law starting on August 8. Initially, the Vue cinema has announced that they will reopen this weekend, but they have now pushed it back to August 7 to reopen instead. But even so, there are several new releases debuting in UK theaters that will open, including thrillers Open starring Russell Crowe.

Although cinemas are now being allowed to reopen cautiously in the UK, other companies such as live theaters, casinos, bowling arenas, concert halls and other recreation companies will not be allowed to reopen until August 15. This delay and the mandate of the mask came after the country recorded the highest number of new COVID-19 cases since June on Thursday this week, with a surge of 846 new cases.

Let’s compare that number with the state of Florida, with a population of one-third the size of Britain, where there is nearly 10,000 new cases of COVID-19. But Governor Ron DeSantis, a case of hot herpes that has somehow become more interesting, continues to pretend that everything is fine and refuses to close everything when people die in the entire state. Florida is also fair broke the record of one day’s death for the third day in a row yesterday.

The fact that Britain is willing to take these steps with COVID-19 numbers is significantly lower than many regions in the United States shows how stubborn and ignorant our government is in terms of curbing the spread of the virus. Not only is this mandate something that the British government supports, but there seems to be a “greater police presence” when enforcing it.

Meanwhile, here in some parts of the United States, including my home state, we have a local sheriff refused to uphold the mandate of the mask governed by the state government where violations could bring someone to six months in prison. This is a fun time to die soon live on.

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