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SSome members of the British Parliament consider the labels on cigarettes today are smoke and mirrors.

Members of Parliament introduced a law requiring individual cigarettes to be labeled “smoking kills,” raising the age requirement for purchase cigarettes from 18 to 21 years of age, prohibit sweet or fruity flavors for e-cigarettes that attract children and youth to smoke, and prohibit giving out free e-cigarettes as part of promotions.

“Smoking is the leading cause of premature death in the UK, killing 74,600 people in 2019,” Labor MP Mary Kelly Foy, who introduced the proposal, said. said Wednesday. “That’s why I put forward an amendment to the Health and Care Bill with the aim of reducing smoking rates and making tobacco pay big for their pollution.”


Foy said he hoped the warning labels “would— obstruct people from being tempted to smoke in the first place, especially young people.”

“I hope this will encourage some smokers to give up because if they put it in their mouth and see that message on the cigarette every time they smoke, I hope it will have the desired effect,” he continued, according to several outlets.

The proposal is part of a government initiative to make Britain smoke-free, determined as less than 5% of people smoke, by 2030.

Although the measure received bipartisan support, with Conservative MP Bob Blackman backing the Foy amendment, it drew strong backlash from some on the Right.

“Absolutely insane,” Nigel Farage, former Member of Parliament, write.

British smoked products already require extensive warning labels advising health risks on the outside of the packaging.

“There are enormous and impossible-to-miss health warnings on every pack of cigarettes, including pictures of smoking-related illnesses.” said Simon Clark, director of the pro-smoking group Forest. “If adults still choose to smoke, that’s their business, not the government.”


Smoking has seen a global increase in recent months. The number of smokers worldwide reaches all-time high of 1.1 billion, the medical journal study found in May.

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