United Kingdom, Korea will hold the first joint conference on auto car technology | Instant News

By Yi Whan-woo

The UK and Korea will hold a joint conference on automatic and connected mobility (CAM) for the first time in Seoul, October 27.

The British Embassy in Seoul said last week it would co-host a conference at the Millennium Hilton Seoul with the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers, the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers, the Korea Institute of Communication and Information Science and the Telecommunications Technology Association, all Seoul-based institutions, to discuss how the two countries can work together on developing driverless vehicles.

CAM involves robotics, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computers, and high-speed wireless technology.

Participants will share their thoughts on various technological and social challenges related to public regulation, legislation, communication and computing infrastructure, CAM validation, and mobility services.

“Connected and automated mobility has the potential to make our roads safer and cleaner, while reducing congestion on our roads and increasing future jobs,” said UK Transport Secretary Rachel Maclean. “I am delighted to be able to join forces with colleagues from the Republic of Korea, as we work together to turn the potential of technology into a transportation reality.”

British Ambassador to Korea Simon Smith noted the scale of the challenges in the global auto sector was “such that no company or country has all the answers.”

He added, “Collaboration and partnerships will be essential for the development of future mobility.”

Hong Seong-soo, a Seoul National University professor and KSAE member, hoped the conference “will help attendees better understand the technical competences, policies and service deployment strategies of the two countries, and promote international collaboration in the CAM industry.”


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