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We are facing a conflict in Western society that, for many years, has occurred behind the scenes and out of sight, but is now being fought for in public and in the open.

This cultural debate has been going on in Europe and the United States for some time now and it is one that pits us against a new hybrid of modern ‘socialism-democratic’ and the historic left. A coalition built on historic and ancient radical practices such as taking direct action on the streets, spreading disinformation and undermining state institutions while ignoring civilized debate. After all, we have faced this conflict before and it is through the strength of our traditions, our culture, and the virtues of people forged in history; that we can show that people are more united than parties or ideologies.

Many people in Europe and the US realize that without a strong state there can be no strong family or true freedom in civil society. And that the strength of a nation lies in the customs, culture, and heroic virtues of a nation forged in history. A nation is more than just a party or an ideology.

Before the War, socialism had failed to establish itself firmly in the democratic countries of the world. It was only after the Second World War that the left realized that the power of the Nation, which is rooted in the entrepreneurship and individualism of its people and that this deeply ingrained culture becomes an obstacle to their goal of following the revolutionary workers’ agenda. And that the only way to overcome this institutional resistance to revolutionary politics is to fight from the base.

This new left-wing coalition, following its hardline legacy in the past, knows how to work and how to manipulate cultural institutions, with supporters in the arts, the media; and universities. Over the years these institutions have taken over and sought to legitimize positions that were once considered radical and outside of mainstream acceptance. By capturing these important channels, they have changed the agenda and projected themselves a kind of moral superiority over the center-right parties in Europe and sometimes America.

This new left alliance emerged around the world. In Great Britain, Jeremy Corbyn and a tough takeover by the Labor Party were a sign of the beginning of things to come – he was luckily rejected by voters there twice. In the United States, we have seen Democrats move to the left under the influence of radicals like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In Spain, we also experienced this with socialist governments in coalition with communist parties acting as allies of dictatorships in Venezuela and Cuba.

These people in the past have supported the use of peaceful protest and direct action but refused to condemn them when they naturally turned violent. The list of recent clashes between ‘progressives’ and the police over the past few months is endless. While they hide behind intersectionalism, the reality is that they seek total institutional and cultural change.

The only way to stand on this new left is by courage, reasoned debate, and by showing that you are on the side of the people. But most importantly, you beat them by telling them you can beat them at their own game. An example of someone who has achieved this is President Donald Trump.

Over the past four years and with the law on his side Donald Trump has proven that it is possible to stop the ‘regressive left’: he has shown that he is on the side of American citizens working by introducing the largest tax cut and deregulation program in American history. And has been awarded the lowest unemployment rate in 49 years, growth in oil production and a 60 percent increase in coal exports. It is the first term in recent history without the US engaging in a new war, escalating international trade agreements, a hardline approach to Iran, increased funding for the army and police, protection of cultural heritage, defense of life and human dignity and fierce attacks on subsidized lobby; in short, the protection of American values.

The cultural fault lines exposed in America today are the potential that opens up in Europe tomorrow. We must therefore be prepared for our own debate about the future of the continent and prepare our own similar agenda that puts people first. We must cut taxes, reduce regulation, protect our cultural heritage, strengthen our institutions and restore the freedoms of our people.

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