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Wireless operators in Europe, including EE, O2, Vodafone, and Three, were released press statement asking people to stop burning cell towers and stop circulating false claims that 5G is somehow connected to the coronavirus epidemic. This statement follows a series of attacks on 5G towers in England.

Vandals have burned at least three 5G towers across Britain in the past week, reports The BBC. Police and firefighters are needed to put out fires.

Vodafone confirmed to Verge that four cellphone towers are targeted within a 24 hour period. And it wasn’t only Vodafone that was attacked.

The EE wireless carrier confirmed that at least one tower was burned despite not supporting 5G technology. EE confirmed that “the damage caused by the fire was significant.”

The latest rumors linking the coronavirus outbreak with the launch of the 5G service has spread like wildfire, especially on social networks like YouTube, NextDoor, and Facebook. This rumor claims the coronavirus was developed in Wuhan, China because of the city’s proximity to the 5G cellular service. This same theory argues that most of the most difficult quotes hit by viruses suffer because of their 5G connectivity.

After the request from Security, YouTube and other social media platforms are doing their part to limit the spread of these false claims. A Twitter spokeswoman told CNN that the company uses machine learning and automation to find and delete this misinformation.

“We will continue to take action on accounts that violate our rules, including content in connection with unverifiable claims that trigger social unrest, widespread panic, or large-scale disruption,” the spokesman said.

Facebook is taking an “aggressive” attitude towards this false information, removing posts that mistakenly link 5G to coronavirus or inciting people to act against this technology. YouTube too make a commitment to remove videos that claim there is a link between 5G and the coronavirus epidemic. These videos violate the company’s new policy that prohibits videos that promote “unsubstantiated medical methods” to prevent coronavirus infections.

Youtube is deleting Coronavirus 5G video but does not delete all 5G conspiracy videos. In this video, the anti-5G group claims that radiation from the 5G tower causes health risks and decreases the effectiveness of the immune system. In fact, this technology is as secure like existing wireless technology like 3G or 4G. Instead, YouTube adds a disclaimer to the beginning of each video. This disclaimer shows that the theory asked in the video was confirmed wrong by the company’s fact checker.

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