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TORONTO – A scrap metal company in Britain has created a “rage court” where visitors can shoot, blow up and crush cars to exert power.

Some may choose to exercise or drink a glass of wine to deal with stress, but for Dan Gick, director of Scrap Car Comparisons, his preferred method of handling involves safety gear and military-style tanks.

“It’s no secret that 2020 has been a difficult year for almost everyone around the world. There’s a lot of pressure, a lot of annoyance, and we wanted to come up with a pretty unique and unusual idea where people could let off some steam,” said Gick. CTV News Channel on Saturdays.

The tantrum field experience allows participants to vent pent-up anger or frustration by destroying palpable objects. This could involve firing a gun at a vehicle or even using a tank to destroy a car intended for scrap.

“We’ve seen some other concepts in the past where people might do something like a tantrum room where they might put on some safety gear, break into a room and destroy a computer.”

He added, “We really wanted to improve it and do something a little fancier, and we thought what could be more interesting than shooting a car, blowing it up and driving it with a tank?”

Gick said the response he has received so far has been excellent. The first event is scheduled to take place in January with other field experiences of rage to follow.

Pandemic restrictions have largely kept people inside and away from the regular celebrations that usually take place around the holiday season. But Gick says the tantrum page is a fun excuse to come out for an unrivaled adventure.

Learn mental health and the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the past few months have created feelings of fear, anxiety, and loneliness for many.

“I experienced it firsthand and all I can say is we had a team of about six people showing up and it was about six hours of experience from start to finish. […] and we all grinned, “said Gick.


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